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This page will give suggestions for further reading on the Eucharist, on the liturgy generally, and on developing eucharstic spirituality. At the moment we just list the same books as are suggested in Come to the Feast. We hope to expand this list shortly.

Further Reading

In a book of this size it is only possible to begin to touch upon many aspects of the Eucharist and of the Christian faith. The books listed here will enable you to explore further many of the themes of this book. There are many more books on the subject and several of those listed below have comprehensive suggestions for further study.

Using Common Worship: Holy Communion: buy from Using Common Worship: Holy Communion
Mark Beach
Church House Publishing, 2000
A practical guide to the Common Worship services of Holy Communion with imaginative suggestions for use in various local situations. Buy!

Companion to Common Worship: buy from Companion to Common Worship, Volume 1
Paul Bradshaw (ed.)
SPCK, 2001
An historical survey and detailed commentary for each of the services in Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England. Buy!

Living the Eucharist: buy from Living the Eucharist
Stephen Conway (ed.)
Darton, Longman and Todd, 2001
A collection based on papers given at a conference, organized by Affirming Catholicism, in the form of an extended Eucharist celebrated and explored over four days. Buy!

Common Worship Today: buy from Common Worship Today
Mark Earey and Gilly Myers (eds)
HarperCollins, 2001
An attractive, large-format, full-colour introduction to all the Common Worship services, this book features an extensive and readable section on the Eucharist. Buy!

Our Thanks and Praise: buy from Our Thanks and Praise
David Holeton (ed.)
Anglican Book Centre, Toronto, 1998
Comprising papers from an international gathering of Anglican liturgical scholars in 1995, this book describes the historical, liturgical and theological background for the revision of the Eucharist in many parts of the Anglican Communion. Although not for the faint-hearted, it will repay those who have the time for its far-reaching study. Buy!

Mass Culture: buy from Mass Culture: eucharist and mission in a post-modern world
Pete Ward (ed.)
Bible Reading Fellowship, Oxford, 1999
Seven contributors ‘examine the impact of the Eucharist on believers and outsiders today’. Buy!

Simon Kershaw <>
19 October 2001