Come to the Feast

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Come to the Feast is a companion and guide to the Eucharist, the central act of Christian worship. Based on Order One from Common Worship, the most commonly used service of Holy Communion in the Church of England, its purpose is to deepen and nourish faith by exploring and explaining the words and actions of the Eucharist. The full text of Order One is included as are prayers and meditations for use before and after the Eucharist, making Come to the Feast ideal for regular use as a service book.

The Eucharist is rich in meaning and symbolism which background information and helpful commentary help to make clear. Extensive notes are included in such a way that they do not intrude on the service itself and focus on the history and shape of the service, the diverse ways in which the Eucharist is celebrated, its connection to the rest of our lives and the glimpse it offers of the great feast of the Kingdom of God.

New communicants are guided through each stage of the service while those who have participated in ‘the Lord’s own service for the Lord’s own people’ for many years may find much to enrich their understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist.

Simon Kershaw <>
19 October 2001