Come to the Feast

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Come to the Feast was designed and typeset by crucix in Joanna and Gill Sans with Golden Cockerel for display.

The text of Holy Communion Order One is from Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England. These pages have been designed and typeset to match the design and pagination of Common Worship as presented in the separate Holy Communion Order One booklet. This was designed by Derek Birdsall RDI of Omnific. These pages are set in the face Gill Sans.

The rest of the book has been designed to complement the design of the Holy Communion pages. It is set in Joanna, with Golden Cockerel. These types, like Gill Sans, were designed by Eric Gill (1882–1940). Gill Sans was designed for Monotype in 1929; Golden Cockerel for Robert Gibbings at the Golden Cockerel Press in 1929; Joanna for Gill’s own use at Hague & Gill in 1930, and recut by Monotype in 1937.

Come to the Feast is published by SCM-Canterbury Press.

Simon Kershaw <>
19 October 2001