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Aelred of Hexham, Abbot of Rievaulx, 1167; 12 January
Agnes, Child-Martyr at Rome, 304; 21 January
Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 651; 31 August
Alban, first Martyr of Britain, c.250; 22 June
Alcuin of York, Deacon, Abbot of Tours, 820; 20 May
Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne, 709; 25 May
Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, Scholar, 899; 26 October
All Saints' Day; 1 November
Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1012; 19 April
Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Teacher of the Faith, 397; 7 December
Andrew the Apostle; 30 November
Andrewes, Lancelot, Bishop of Winchester, Spiritual Writer, 1626; 25 September
Anne and Joachim, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary; 26 July
Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary; 25 March
Anselm, Abbot of Le Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher of the Faith, 1109; 21 April
Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary in Denmark and Sweden, 865; 3 February
Antony of Egypt, Hermit, Abbot, 356; 17 January
Apolo Kivebulaya, Priest, Evangelist in Central Africa, 1933; 30 May
Aquinas, Thomas, Priest, Philosopher, Teacher of the Faith, 1274; 28 January
Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher of the Faith, 373; 2 May
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Teacher of the Faith, 430; 28 August
Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury, 605; 26 May
Azariah, Vedanayagam Samuel, Bishop in South India, Evangelist, 1945; 2 January
Barnabas the Apostle; 11 June
Barnett, Samuel and Henrietta, Social Reformers, 1913 and 1936; 17 June
Bartholomew the Apostle; 24 August
Bartolomé de las Casas, Apostle to the Indies, 1566; 20 July
Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops, Teachers of the Faith, 379 and 389; 2 January
Baxter, Richard, Puritan Divine, 1691; 14 June
Becket, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1170; 29 December
Bede, the Venerable, Monk at Jarrow, Scholar, Historian, 735; 25 May
Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth, Scholar, 689; 12 January
Benedict of Nursia, Abbot of Monte Cassino, Father of Western Monasticism, c.550; 11 July
Bernard Mizeki, Apostle of the MaShona, Martyr, 1896; 18 June
Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux, Teacher of the Faith, 1153; 20 August
Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester (Oxon), Apostle of Wessex, 650; 4 September
Blessed Virgin Mary, Conception of the; 8 December
Bonaventure, Friar, Bishop, Teacher of the Faith, 1274; 15 July
Bonhöffer, Dietrich, Lutheran Pastor, Martyr, 1945; 9 April
Boniface (Wynfrith) of Crediton, Bishop, Apostle of Germany, Martyr, 754 ; 5 June
Booth, William and Catherine, Founders of the Salvation Army, 1912 and 1890; 20 August
Bosco, John, Priest, Founder of the Salesian Teaching Order, 1888; 31 January
Bray, Thomas, Priest, Founder of the SPCK and the SPG, 1730; 15 February
Bridget of Sweden, Abbess of Vadstena, 1373; 23 July
Brigid, Abbess of Kildare, c.525; 1 February
Brooke Foss Westcott, Bishop of Durham, Teacher of the Faith, 1901; 27 July
Bunyan, John, Spiritual Writer, 1688; 30 August
Butler, Joseph, Bishop of Durham, Philosopher, 1752; 16 June
Butler, Josephine, Social Reformer, 1906; 30 May
Calvin, John, Reformer, 1564; 26 May
Candlemas (The Presentation of Christ in the Temple); 2 February
Carlile, Wilson, Founder of the Church Army, 1942; 26 September
Caroline Chisholm, Social Reformer, 1877; 16 May
Casas, Bartolomé de las, Apostle to the Indies, 1566; 20 July
Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr, 4th century; 25 November
Catherine of Siena, Mystic, Teacher, 1380; 29 April
Cavell, Edith, Nurse, 1915; 12 October
Cecilia, Martyr at Rome, c.230; 22 November
Cedd, Abbot of Lastingham, Bishop of the East Saxons, 664; 26 October
Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary, 672 ; 2 March
Chanel, Peter, Missionary in the South Pacific, Martyr, 1841; 28 April
Charles Fuge Lowder, Priest, 1880; 9 September
Charles Gore, Bishop, Founder of the Community of the Resurrection, 1932; 17 January
Charles Simeon, Pastor, Evangelical Divine, 1836; 13 November
Charles de Foucauld, Hermit in the Sahara, 1916; 1 December
Charles, King and Martyr, 1649; 30 January
Chisholm, Caroline, Social Reformer, 1877; 16 May
Christian Unity, Week of Prayer for; 18--25 January
Christina Rossetti, Poet, 1895; 27 April
Christmas Day; 25 December
Christmas Eve; 24 December
Circumcision of Jesus, Naming and; 1 January
Clare of Assisi, Founder of the Order of Minoresses (Poor Clares), 1253 ; 11 August
Clement, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, c.100; 23 November
Columba, Abbot of Iona, Missionary, 597; 9 June
Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (All Souls' Day); 2 November
Conversion of Paul; 25 January
Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Earl of Shaftesbury, Social Reformer, 1885; 1 October
Cranmer, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, Reformation Martyr, 1556; 21 March
Crispin and Crispinian, Martyrs at Rome, c.287; 25 October
Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 687; 20 March
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, Martyr, 258; 15 September
Cyril and Methodius, Missionaries to the Slavs, 869 and 885; 14 February
Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher of the Faith, 444; 27 June
Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, Teacher of the Faith, 386; 18 March

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