Keeping the Feast is a compilation and re-ordering of material intended for use with the Calendar, Lectionary and Collects currently in the process of authorization by the General Synod of the Church of England.

The new calendar includes a greatly enlarged selection of commemorations of Christian people down the ages. Some of these are designated Lesser Festivals and are provided with their own Collects. Others are Commemorations without Collects, but which may be observed as Lesser Festivals. Common sets of readings are provided.

This collection provides a single calendar of all these fixed holy days and brings together the material for each day in one place. It suggests a single set of readings (almost always selected from the appropriate Common material). It adds a Collect (and readings) for each Commemoration, for use when it is observed as a Lesser Festival. Where possible and appropriate these Collects are drawn from Anglican and other sources, but some have been composed for this work. And for each holy day an historical note is added. Many of these are from essays written by James Kiefer, which have been slightly edited to conform more closely with the proposed Calendar.

Keeping the Feast is offered to those who will use the new Calendar ... as an aid to worship and for the greater glory of God.

Simon Kershaw
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