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David, Bishop of Menevia, Patron of Wales, c.601 ; 1 March
Day of Intercession and Thanksgiving for the Missionary Work of the Church; 29 November
Denys, Bishop of Paris, and his Companions, Martyrs, c.258; 9 October
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran Pastor, Martyr, 1945; 9 April
Dominic, Priest, Founder of the Order of Preachers, 1221; 8 August
Donne, John, Priest, Poet, 1631; 31 March
Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Restorer of Monastic Life, 988; 19 May
Edith Cavell, Nurse, 1915; 12 October
Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1240; 16 November
Edmund, King of the East Angles, Martyr, 870; 20 November
Edward Bouverie Pusey, Priest, Tractarian, 1882; 16 September
Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910; 8 March
Edward the Confessor, King of England, 1066; 13 October
Eglantine Jebb, Social Reformer, Founder of 'Save the Children', 1928; 17 December
Elizabeth Ferard, first Deaconess of the Church of England, Founder of the Community of St Andrew, 1883; 18 July
Elizabeth Fry, Prison Reformer, 1845; 12 October
Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess of Thuringia, Philanthropist, 1231; 18 November
England, Saints and Martyrs of; 8 November
English Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era; 4 May
Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, Hymn Writer, Teacher of the Faith, 373; 9 June
Epiphany; 6 January
Ethelburga, Abbess of Barking, 675; 11 October
Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, c.678; 23 June
Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual Writer, 1941; 15 June
Felix, Bishop, Apostle to the East Angles, 647; 4 March
Ferard, Elizabeth, first Deaconess of the Church of England, Founder of the Community of St Andrew, 1883; 18 July
Ferrar, Nicholas, Deacon, Founder of the Little Gidding Community, 1637; 4 December
Fisher, John, Bishop of Rochester, Thomas More, Scholar, and, Reformation Martyrs, 1535; 6 July
Florence Nightingale, Nurse, Social Reformer, 1910; 13 August
Foucauld, Charles de, Hermit in the Sahara, 1916; 1 December
Fox, George, Founder of the Society of Friends (the Quakers), 1691; 13 January
Francis Xavier, Missionary, Apostle of the Indies, 1552; 3 December
Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, Teacher of the Faith, 1622; 24 January
Francis of Assisi, Friar, Deacon, Founder of the Friars Minor, 1226; 4 October
Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest, Teacher of the Faith, 1872; 1 April
Fry, Elizabeth, Prison Reformer, 1845; 12 October
Gardiner, Allen, founder of the South American Missionary Society, 1851; 6 September
Geoffrey Studdart Kennedy, Priest, Poet, 1929; 8 March
George Augustus Selwyn, first Bishop of New Zealand, 1878; 11 April
George Fox, Founder of the Society of Friends (the Quakers), 1691; 13 January
George Herbert, Priest, Poet, 1633; 27 February
George, Martyr, Patron of England, c.304; 23 April
Gilbert of Sempringham, Founder of the Gilbertine Order, 1189; 4 February
Giles of Provence, Hermit, c.710; 1 September
Gilmore, Isabella, Deaconess, 1923; 16 April
Gore, Charles, Bishop, Founder of the Community of the Resurrection, 1932; 17 January
Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, Teacher of the Faith, 604; 3 September
Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, and his sister Macrina, Deaconess, Teachers of the Faith, c.394 and c.379; 19 July
Grosseteste, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, Philosopher, Scientist, 1253; 9 October
Hannington, James, Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa, Martyr in Uganda, 1885; 29 October
Harriet Monsell, Founder of the Community of St John the Baptist, Clewer, 1883; 26 March
Helena, Protector of the Holy Places, 330; 21 May
Henry Martyn, Translator of the Scriptures, Missionary in India and Persia, 1812; 19 October
Herbert, George, Priest, Poet, 1633; 27 February
Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Teacher of the Faith, 367; 13 January
Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, 680 ; 19 November
Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, Visionary, 1179; 17 September
Hill, Octavia, Social Reformer, 1912; 13 August
Hilton, Walter of Thurgarton, Friar, Mystic, 1396; 24 March
Holy Cross Day; 14 September
Holy Innocents; 28 December
Hooker, Richard, Priest, Anglican Apologist, Teacher of the Faith, 1600; 3 November
Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, and Reformation Martyrs, 1555; 16 October
Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1200; 17 November

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