WELCOME to this liturgical library, a collection of authorized and other texts used in the Church of England and in the wider Anglican Communion and elsewhere. This was once described as 'the best and biggest Anglican library of texts' on the Web (the Church Times, 24 April 1998).

Several people have contributed texts to this collection. If you have other material you would like to share then please email me. If the material is already on the WWW then I can link to it; if it is not I may be able to provide space for it. I hope to make this a comprehensive collection of material and links.

Most of these texts are available here, formatted for viewing on the WWW. Some are available as Rich Text Format (or RTF) files, so they should be readable by most word processors on various platforms. A few others are plain text, depending on the source.

You can also purchase books from the oremus Liturgy Bookshop which contains a selection of liturgical and related books. If you purchase from the bookshop then a small commission is paid to us, at no cost to yourself.

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Simon Kershaw 2nd March, 2001