The Passion Narratives

It is traditional to read the various narratives of the Passion of Christ on Palm Sunday and in Holy Week. In many places these readings are distinguished not only by their length and solemnity but also by being read by a group of people, each taking one or more ‘parts’ in the style of a dramatic reading.

Various lectionaries use various schemes, and this page contains the readings specified by the Revised Common Lectionary for use on Palm Sunday (Matthew, Mark and Luke in successive years) and Good Friday (John in all years). Both the full and shortened forms are provided, but it is appropriate that the full reading should be used whereever possible.

The dramatic arrangements are copyright © Simon Kershaw 1999-2003 and may be freely used, provided the NRSV acknowledgment is left intact.

in continuous form

in dramatic form

Simon Kershaw 19 March 2003