12 October
Elizabeth Fry, Prison Reformer, 1845

Born at Earlham in Norfolk in 1780, in 1800 Elizabeth Gurney married Joseph Fry, a London merchant and strict Quaker and they had a karge family. In 1811 she was admitted a 'minister' in the Society of friends and became a noted speaker. In 1813 the apalling state of the prisons came to her notice and she devoted much of her time to the welfare of female prisoners in Newgate. In 1820 she took part in the formation of a 'Nightly Shelter for the Homeless' in london. She travelled all over Europe in the cause of prison reform and behind all her philanthropy there was a strong Christian impulse which she never ceased to combine with her activities. She died at Ramsgate on 12 October 1845.
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