from the Church of England

Details of liturgical material of the Church of England are available here. See also the 'ready-to use' material provided by Labarum.

from the Church of Ireland

The Church of Ireland on-line resources include:

The complete text of the 2004 Book of Common Prayer of the Church of Ireland, which includes services in traditional and contemporary language.

Amongst the Cloud of Irish Witnesses, propers for the commemoration of Irish saints and worthies, commended for publication by the Irish House of Bishops as an unofficial supplement to The Cloud of Witnesses.

A Service of the Word – a Sunday service

A traditional language form of the night service Compline – almost identical to the form in the proposed English BCP of 1928.

The Collects and post-communion prayers authorized for use with the new alternative lectionary. These are almost identical to those also authorized by the Church of England, the Church in Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church for use with their version of the Revised Common Lectionary.

from the Church in Wales

The Church in Wales is also revising its services. The situation in Wales is more complicated because the liturgy of the church is authorized in both English and Welsh.

The new service of Holy Communion was authorized in 2004. (oremus was responsible for the design and typesetting of the printed books, published for the Church in Wales by Canterbury Press Norwich.) The text of these bilingual books are available

These files also include the Church in Wales 1984 eucharistic liturgy, which was a traditional language revision.

New services for baptism and confirmation, in both Welsh and English, were authorized in 2006 and published in 2007 by Canterbury Press Norwich (and again oremus was responsible for the design and typesetting of the printed books.)

The current Church in Wales website contains pdf files of the 1993 Matrimony service, Funerals, the Calendar (1984, revised 2006) and the Lectionary. These are available in both English and Welsh.

Like the other Anglican Churches in the British Isles, the Church in Wales is in the process of authorizing the Revised Common Lectionary. It has also made available for trial use a revised calendar containing many ancient and modern Welsh saints.

from the Scottish Episcopal Church

The Scottish Episcopal Church has made available liturgical material here. This page includes the 1982, 1970 and 1929 eucharistic rites in both English and Gaelic, as well as the English rite from the 1929 Prayer Book. There are also a number of other services, including a Calendar guide (for 2006-7), Ash Wednesday and Holy Week (1967), the Ordinal (1984, amended 2006), Funerals (1987), Daily Prayer (1988), Administration of Holy Communion by a Deacon or lay person (1997), Baptism (2006), Confirmation (2006), Marriage (2007 rite, approved May 2007).

Its 1929 Prayer Book is also available elsewhere.


The Royal Army Chaplains' Department has a collection of resources for Common Worship, including 'ready to use' services which might be of wider appeal. They are available at the Labarum website.

from the Episcopal Church in the USA

The Episcopal Church places its Book of Common Prayer in the public domain on authorization. It is freely, but unofficially, available in many places on the internet.

First call is Chad Wohlers' excellent BCP page which contains the 1979 text in ASCII, PDF, WordPerfect and RTF. Also included are the US Prayer Books of 1892 and 1789, and the proposed prayer book of 1786 (which was rejected after strong criticism from the English archbishops).

The Psalter of the ECUSA 1979 Book of Common Prayer, fully formatted for the WWW. Other parts of this BCP are under development.

The American 1928 Book of Common Prayer which is used by several continuing Anglican churches in the USA.

The Anglican Church of Canada

The 1962 Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church of Canada is perhaps the last prayer book ‘in the classical Anglican line’. Parts of it are available at the pages of the Prayer Book Society of Canada.

Old Catholic Church in Germany

The Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht have been in full communion with the Churches of the Anglican Communion since 1931. The German Old Catholics (das Katholisches Bistum der Alt-Katholiken in Deutschland) have made available an English version of their German-language altar book, in various formats (Word 95, Word Perfect, RTF and plain text). This contains the full text of the Eucharist together with the collects and readings for the liturgical year.

This website also contains lots of other information about German Old Catholic worship – only in German though.

The Malabar Independent Syrian Church

Phillip Tovey created this extensive collection of English translations of the liturgy of the Malabar Independent Syrian Church, a Syrian Orthodox Church based in Thozhiyur, Trichur District, Kerala, South India. These pages are now maintained by a Support Group.

Visual Liturgy

Visual Liturgy is ‘a service and worship planning package from Church House Publishing’. See the Visual Liturgy home page for more details. It includes the text of the Common Worship services and the Revised Common Lectionary as approved for use in the Church of England.

other liturgical items