Psalms 38--54

Psalm 38

1 O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger;*
do not punish me in your wrath.
2 For your arrows have already pierced me,*
and your hand presses hard upon me.
3 There is no health in my flesh,
   because of your indignation;*
there is no soundness in my body, because of my sin.
4 For my iniquities overwhelm me;*
like a heavy burden they are too much for me to bear.
5 My wounds stink and fester*
by reason of my foolishness.
6 I am utterly bowed down and prostrate;*
I go about in mourning all the day long.
7 My loins are filled with searing pain;*
there is no health in my body.
8 I am utterly numb and crushed;*
I wail, because of the groaning of my heart.
9 O Lord, you know all my desires,*
and my sighing is not hidden from you.
10 My heart is pounding, my strength has failed me,*
and the brightness of my eyes is gone from me.
11 My friends and companions draw back from my affliction;*
my neighbours stand afar off.
12 Those who seek after my life lay snares for me;*
those who strive to hurt me speak of my ruin
   and plot treachery all the day long.
13 But I am like the deaf who do not hear,*
like those who are mute and do not open their mouth.
14 I have become like one who does not hear*
and from whose mouth comes no defence.
15 For in you, O Lord, have I fixed my hope;*
you will answer me, O Lord my God.
16 For I said, ‘Do not let them rejoice at my expense,*
those who gloat over me when my foot slips.’
17 Truly, I am on the verge of falling,*
and my pain is always with me.
18 I will confess my iniquity*
and be sorry for my sin.
19 Those who are my enemies without cause are mighty,*
and many in number are those who wrongfully hate me.
20 Those who repay evil for good slander me,*
because I follow the course that is right.
21 O Lord, do not forsake me;*
be not far from me, O my God.
22 Make haste to help me,*
O Lord of my salvation.
O God, the healer of body and soul,
send us your salvation and make us whole;
lift from us the burden of sinfulness
and bring us to your holy throne,
to live for ever with you in glory.

Psalm 39

1 I said, ‘I will keep watch upon my ways,*
so that I do not offend with my tongue.
2 ‘I will put a muzzle on my mouth*
while the wicked are in my presence.’
3 So I held my tongue and said nothing;*
I refrained from rash words;
   but my pain became unbearable.
4 My heart was hot within me;
   while I pondered, the fire burst into flame;*
I spoke out with my tongue:
5 Lord, let me know my end and the number of my days,*
so that I may know how short my life is.
6 You have given me a mere handful of days,
   and my lifetime is as nothing in your sight;*
truly, even those who stand erect are but a puff of wind.
7 We walk about like a shadow
   and in vain we are in turmoil;*
we heap up riches and cannot tell who will gather them.
8 And now, what is my hope?*
O Lord, my hope is in you.
9 Deliver me from all my transgressions*
and do not make me the taunt of the fool.
10 I fell silent and did not open my mouth,*
for surely it was you that did it.
11 Take your affliction from me;*
I am worn down by the blows of your hand.
12 With rebukes for sin you punish us;
   like a moth you eat away all that is dear to us;*
truly, everyone is but a puff of wind.
13 Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry;*
hold not your peace at my tears.
14 For I am but a sojourner with you,*
a wayfarer, as all my forebears were.
15 Turn your gaze from me, that I may be glad again,*
before I go my way and am no more.
O Christ, Son of the living God,
grant that we may ever seek you
and feed on you all our days,
for you are in all and with all and through all,
Jesus, Lord and God.

Psalm 40

1 I waited patiently upon the Lord;*
he stooped to me and heard my cry.
2 He lifted me out of the desolate pit,
   out of the mire and clay;*
he set my feet upon a high cliff and made my footing sure.
3 He put a new song in my mouth,
   a song of praise to our God;*
many shall see and stand in awe
   and put their trust in the Lord.
4 Happy are they who trust in the Lord!*
they do not resort to evil spirits or turn to false gods.
5 Great things are they that you have done, O Lord my God!
   how great your wonders and your plans for us!*
there is none who can be compared with you.
6 O that I could make them known and tell them!*
but they are more than I can count.
7 In sacrifice and offering you take no pleasure*
you have given me ears to hear you;
8 Burnt-offering and sin-offering you have not required,*
and so I said, ‘Behold, I come.
9 ‘In the roll of the book it is written concerning me:*
"I love to do your will, O my God; your law is deep in my heart."’
10 I proclaimed righteousness in the great congregation;*
behold, I did not restrain my lips; and that, O Lord, you know.
11 Your righteousness have I not hidden in my heart;
   I have spoken of your faithfulness and your deliverance;*
I have not concealed your love and faithfulness
   from the great congregation.
12 You are the Lord;
   do not withhold your compassion from me;*
let your love and your faithfulness keep me safe for ever,
13 For innumerable troubles have crowded upon me;
   my sins have overtaken me and I cannot see;*
they are more in number than the hairs of my head,
   and my heart fails me.
14 Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me;*
O Lord, make haste to help me.
15 Let them be ashamed and altogether dismayed
   who seek after my life to destroy it;*
let them draw back and be disgraced
   who take pleasure in my misfortune.
16 Let those who say ‘Aha!’ and gloat over me be confounded,*
because they are ashamed.
17 Let all who seek you rejoice in you and be glad;*
let those who love your salvation continually say,
   ‘Great is the Lord!’
18 Though I am poor and afflicted,*
the Lord will have regard for me.
19 You are my helper and my deliverer;*
do not tarry, O my God.
Free us from our sins, O God,
and may we never be ashamed
to confess you to all the nations,
through your Son, our Redeemer,
Jesus Christ, the Lord of all.

Psalm 41

1 Happy are they who consider the poor and needy!*
the Lord will deliver them in the time of trouble.
2 The Lord preserves them and keeps them alive,
   so that they may be happy in the land;*
he does not hand them over to the will of their enemies.
3 The Lord sustains them on their sick-bed*
and ministers to them in their illness.
4 I said, ‘Lord, be merciful to me;*
heal me, for I have sinned against you.’
5 My enemies are saying wicked things about me:*
‘When will he die and his name perish?’
6 Even if they come to see me, they speak empty words;*
their heart collects false rumours;
   they go outside and spread them.
7 All my enemies whisper together about me*
and devise evil against me.
8 ‘A deadly thing’, they say, ‘has fastened on him;*
he has taken to his bed and will never get up again.’
9 Even my best friend, whom I trusted,
   who broke bread with me,*
has lifted up his heel and turned against me.
10 But you, O Lord, be merciful to me and raise me up,*
and I shall repay them.
11 By this I know you are pleased with me,*
that my enemy does not triumph over me.
12 In my integrity you hold me fast,*
and shall set me before your face for ever.
13 Blessèd be the Lord God of Israel,*
from age to age. Amen. Amen.
Heavenly Father,
whose Son suffered denial and betrayal of trust
from those who shared his bread:
raise us up, O Lord,
and prevent us in the time of trial
from falling away from you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 42

1 As the deer longs for the water-brooks,*
so longs my soul for you, O God.
2 My soul is athirst for God, athirst for the living God;*
when shall I come to appear before the presence of God?
3 My tears have been my food day and night,*
while all day long they say to me,
   ‘Where now is your God?’
4 I pour out my soul when I think on these things:*
how I went with the multitude
   and led them into the house of God,
5 With the voice of praise and thanksgiving,*
among those who keep holy-day.
6 Why are you so full of heaviness, O my soul?*
and why are you so disquieted within me?
7 Put your trust in God;*
for I will yet give thanks to him,
   who is the help of my countenance, and my God.
8 My soul is heavy within me;*
therefore I will remember you from the land of Jordan,
   and from the peak of Mizar among the heights of Hermon.
9 One deep calls to another in the noise of your cataracts;*
all your rapids and floods have gone over me.
10 The Lord grants his loving-kindness in the daytime;*
in the night season his song is with me,
   a prayer to the God of my life.
11 I will say to the God of my strength,
   ‘Why have you forgotten me?*
and why do I go so heavily
   while the enemy oppresses me?’
12 While my bones are being broken,*
my enemies mock me to my face;
13 All day long they mock me*
say to me, ‘Where now is your God?’
14 Why are you so full of heaviness, O my soul?*
and why are you so disquieted within me?
15 Put your trust in God;*
for I will yet give thanks to him,
   who is the help of my countenance, and my God.
O God,
as we come before your presence
satisfy the hearts of all who wait in hope for your coming;
fill our soul with streams of living water
as we place all our hope in you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

If desired, Psalms 42 and 43 may be said as one psalm.

Psalm 43

1 Give judgement for me, O God,
   and defend my cause against an ungodly people;*
deliver me from the deceitful and the wicked.
2 For you are the God of my strength;
   why have you put me from you?*
and why do I go so heavily
   while the enemy oppresses me?
3 Send out your light and your truth,
   that they may lead me,*
and bring me to your holy hill
   and to your dwelling;
4 That I may go to the altar of God,
   to the God of my joy and gladness;*
and on the harp I will give thanks to you,
   O God my God.
5 Why are you so full of heaviness, O my soul?*
and why are you so disquieted within me?
6 Put your trust in God;*
for I will yet give thanks to him,
   who is the help of my countenance, and my God.
Receive at your heavenly altar, O God,
the supplication of your people;
lead us into the way of truth and purify our hearts
that we may come before you,
who are our joy and our gladness;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 44

1 We have heard with our ears, O God,
   our forebears have told us,*
the deeds you did in their days,
   in the days of old.
2 How with your hand you drove the peoples out
   and planted our forebears in the land;*
how you destroyed nations and made your people flourish.
3 For they did not take the land by their sword,
   nor did their arm win the victory for them;*
but your right hand, your arm,
   and the light of your countenance,
   because you favoured them.
4 You are my King and my God;*
you command victories for Jacob.
5 Through you we pushed back our adversaries;*
through your name we trampled on those
   who rose up against us.
6 For I do not rely on my bow,*
and my sword does not give me the victory.
7 Surely, you gave us victory over our adversaries*
and put those who hate us to shame.
8 Every day we gloried in God,*
and we will praise your name for ever.
9 Nevertheless, you have rejected and humbled us*
and do not go forth with our armies.
10 You have made us fall back before our adversary,*
and our enemies have plundered us.
11 You have made us like sheep to be eaten*
and have scattered us among the nations.
12 You are selling your people for a trifle*
and are making no profit on the sale of them.
13 You have made us the scorn of our neighbours,*
a mockery and derision to those around us.
14 You have made us a byword among the nations,*
a laughing-stock among the peoples.
15 My humiliation is daily before me,*
and shame has covered my face;
16 Because of the taunts of the mockers and blasphemers,*
because of the enemy and avenger.
17 All this has come upon us;*
yet we have not forgotten you,
   nor have we betrayed your covenant.
18 Our heart never turned back,*
nor did our footsteps stray from your path;
19 Though you thrust us down into a place of misery,*
and covered us over with deep darkness.
20 If we have forgotten the name of our God,*
or stretched out our hands to some strange god,
21 Will not God find it out?*
for he knows the secrets of the heart.
22 Indeed, for your sake we are killed all the day long;*
we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
23 Awake, O Lord! why are you sleeping?*
Arise! do not reject us for ever.
24 Why have you hidden your face*
and forgotten our affliction and oppression?
25 We sink down into the dust;*
our body cleaves to the ground.
26 Rise up and help us,*
and save us for the sake of your steadfast love.
Arise, O Lord,
and behold the suffering of your people;
reveal your power,
that being made like Christ in his death,
they may attain to the resurrection from the dead;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 45

1 My heart is stirring with a noble song;
   let me recite what I have fashioned for the king;*
my tongue shall be the pen of a skilled writer.
2 You are the fairest of men;*
grace flows from your lips,
   because God has blessed you for ever.
3 Strap your sword upon your thigh, O mighty warrior,*
in your pride and in your majesty.
4 Ride out and conquer in the cause of truth*
and for the sake of justice.
5 Your right hand will show you marvellous things;*
your arrows are very sharp, O mighty warrior.
6 The peoples are falling at your feet,*
and the king’s enemies are losing heart.
7 Your throne, O God, endures for ever and ever,*
a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of your kingdom;
   you love righteousness and hate iniquity;
8 Therefore God, your God, has anointed you*
with the oil of gladness above your fellows.
9 All your garments are fragrant with myrrh, aloes and cassia,*
and the music of strings from ivory palaces makes you glad.
10 Kings’ daughters stand among the ladies of the court;*
on your right hand is the queen,
   adorned with the gold of Ophir.
11 ‘Hear, O daughter; consider and listen closely;*
forget your people and your family’s house.
12 ‘The king will have pleasure in your beauty;*
he is your master; therefore do him honour.
13 ‘The people of Tyre are here with a gift;*
the rich among the people seek your favour.’
14 All glorious is the princess as she enters;*
her gown is cloth-of-gold.
15 In embroidered apparel she is brought to the king;*
after her the bridesmaids follow in procession.
16 With joy and gladness they are brought,*
and enter into the palace of the king.
17 ‘In place of fathers, O king, you shall have sons;*
you shall make them princes over all the earth.
18 ‘I will make your name to be remembered
   from one generation to another;*
therefore nations will praise you for ever and ever.’
You have anointed us, O Lamb of God,
with the oil of gladness
and clothed us in the garments of salvation:
come and unite us in the joy of heaven wedded to earth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 46

1 God is our refuge and strength,*
a very present help in trouble;
2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be moved,*
and though the mountains be toppled
   into the depths of the sea;
3 Though its waters rage and foam,*
and though the mountains tremble at its tumult.
4 The Lord of hosts is with us;*
the God of Jacob is our stronghold.
5 There is a river whose streams
   make glad the city of God,*
the holy habitation of the Most High.
6 God is in the midst of her;
   she shall not be overthrown;*
God shall help her at the break of day.
7 The nations make much ado
   and the kingdoms are shaken;*
God has spoken and the earth shall melt away.
8 The Lord of hosts is with us;*
the God of Jacob is our stronghold.
9 Come now and look upon the works of the Lord,*
what awesome things he has done on earth.
10 It is he who makes war to cease in all the world;*
he breaks the bow and shatters the spear
   and burns the shields with fire.
11 ‘Be still, then, and know that I am God;*
I will be exalted among the nations;
   I will be exalted in the earth.’
12 The Lord of hosts is with us;*
the God of Jacob is our stronghold.
Assuage our fear, O God,
and quieten our hearts to know you,
that being our refuge and strength
you may dwell in our midst
and make glad the place of your habitation;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 47

1 Clap your hands, all you peoples;*
shout to God with a cry of joy.
2 For the Lord Most High is to be feared;*
he is the great king over all the earth.
3 He subdues the peoples under us,*
and the nations under our feet.
4 He chooses our inheritance for us,*
the pride of Jacob whom he loves.
5 God has gone up with a shout,*
the Lord with the sound of the ram’s-horn.
6 Sing praises to God, sing praises;*
sing praises to our king, sing praises.
7 For God is king of all the earth;*
sing praises with all your skill.
8 God reigns over the nations;*
God sits upon his holy throne.
9 The nobles of the peoples have gathered together*
with the people of the God of Abraham.
10 The rulers of the earth belong to God,*
and he is highly exalted.
As Christ was raised by your glory, O Father,
so may we walk in newness of life
and rejoice to be called the children of God;
now and for ever.

Psalm 48

1 Great is the Lord and highly to be praised;*
in the city of our God is his holy hill.
2 Beautiful and lofty, the joy of all the earth,
   is the hill of Zion,*
the very centre of the world
   and the city of the great king.
3 God is in her citadels;*
he is known to be her sure refuge.
4 Behold, the kings of the earth assembled*
and marched forward together.
5 They looked and were astounded;*
they retreated and fled in terror.
6 Trembling seized them there;*
they writhed like a woman in childbirth,
   like ships of the sea when the east wind shatters them.
7 As we have heard, so have we seen,
   in the city of the Lord of hosts, in the city of our God;*
God has established her for ever.
8 We have waited in silence
   on your loving-kindness, O God,*
in the midst of your temple.
9 Your praise, like your name, O God,
   reaches to the world’s end;*
your right hand is full of justice.
10 Let Mount Zion be glad
   and the cities of Judah rejoice,*
because of your judgements.
11 Make the circuit of Zion; walk round about her;*
count the number of her towers.
12 Consider well her bulwarks; examine her strongholds;*
that you may tell those who come after.
13 This God is our God for ever and ever;*
he shall be our guide for evermore.
We wait on your loving-kindness, O God,
in the midst of your temple;
as your praise reaches to the ends of the earth,
so gather in the nations to the beauty of your house;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 49

1 Hear this, all you peoples;
   hearken, all you who dwell in the world,*
you of high degree and low, rich and poor together.
2 My mouth shall speak of wisdom,*
and my heart shall meditate on understanding.
3 I will incline my ear to a proverb*
and set forth my riddle upon the harp.
4 Why should I be afraid in evil days,*
when the wickedness of those at my heels surrounds me,
5 The wickedness of those
   who put their trust in their goods,*
and boast of their great riches?
6 We can never ransom ourselves,*
or deliver to God the price of our life;
7 For the ransom of our life is so great,*
that we should never have enough to pay it,
8 In order to live for ever and ever,*
and never see the grave.
9 For we see that the wise die also;
   like the dull and stupid they perish*
and leave their wealth to those who come after them.
10 Their graves shall be their homes for ever,
   their dwelling places from generation to generation,*
though they call the lands after their own names.
11 Even though honoured, they cannot live for ever;*
they are like the beasts that perish.
12 Such is the way of those
   who foolishly trust in themselves,*
and the end of those who delight in their own words.
13 Like a flock of sheep they are destined to die;
   Death is their shepherd;*
they go down straightway to the grave.
14 Their form shall waste away,*
and the land of the dead shall be their home.
15 But God will ransom my life;*
he will snatch me from the grasp of death.
16 Do not be envious when some become rich,*
or when the grandeur of their house increases;
17 For they will carry nothing away at their death,*
nor will their grandeur follow them.
18 Though they thought highly of themselves
   while they lived,*
and were praised for their success,
19 They shall join the company of their forebears,*
who will never see the light again.
20 Those who are honoured, but have no understanding,*
are like the beasts that perish.
O God,
you have taught us that it profits us nothing
   to have gained the whole world and to lose our souls:
enrich with heavenly wisdom the poor in spirit
and turn our hearts from the pursuit of vanities;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 50

1 The Lord, the God of gods, has spoken;*
he has called the earth
   from the rising of the sun to its setting.
2 Out of Zion, perfect in its beauty,*
God reveals himself in glory.
3 Our God will come and will not keep silence;*
before him there is a consuming flame,
   and round about him a raging storm.
4 He calls the heavens and the earth from above*
to witness the judgement of his people.
5 ‘Gather before me my loyal followers,*
those who have made a covenant with me
   and sealed it with sacrifice.’
6 Let the heavens declare the rightness of his cause;*
for God himself is judge.
7 Hear, O my people, and I will speak:
   ‘O Israel, I will bear witness against you;*
for I am God, your God.
8 ‘I do not accuse you because of your sacrifices;*
your offerings are always before me.
9 ‘I will take no bull-calf from your stalls,*
nor he-goats out of your pens;
10 ‘For the beasts of the forest are mine,*
the herds in their thousands upon the hills.
11 ‘I know every bird in the sky,*
and the creatures of the fields are in my sight.
12 ‘If I were hungry, I would not tell you,*
for the whole world is mine and all that is in it.
13 ‘Do you think I eat the flesh of bulls,*
or drink the blood of goats?
14 ‘Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving*
and make good your vows to the Most High.
15 ‘Call upon me in the day of trouble;*
I will deliver you and you shall honour me.’
16 But to the wicked God says:*
‘Why do you recite my statutes,
   and take my covenant upon your lips;
17 ‘Since you refuse discipline,*
and toss my words behind your back?
18 ‘When you see a thief, you make him your friend,*
and you cast in your lot with adulterers.
19 ‘You have loosed your lips for evil,*
and harnessed your tongue to a lie.
20 ‘You are always speaking evil of your brother*
and slandering your own mother’s son.
21 ‘These things you have done and I kept still,*
and you thought that I am like you.
22 ‘I have made my accusation;*
I have put my case in order before your eyes.
23 ‘Consider this well, you who forget God,*
lest I rend you and there be none to deliver you.
24 ‘Whoever offers me the sacrifice of thanksgiving
   honours me;*
but to those who keep in my way
   will I show the salvation of God.’
O God, you desire mercy and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of you rather than burnt offerings:
rule and direct our hearts in the way of true religion
and save us in the day of your appearing;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 51

1 Have mercy on me, O God,
   according to your loving-kindness;*
in your great compassion blot out my offences.
2 Wash me through and through from my wickedness*
and cleanse me from my sin.
3 For I know my transgressions,*
and my sin is ever before me.
4 Against you only have I sinned*
and done what is evil in your sight.
5 And so you are justified when you speak*
and upright in your judgement.
6 Indeed, I have been wicked from my birth,*
a sinner from my mother’s womb.
7 For behold, you look for truth deep within me,*
and will make me understand wisdom secretly.
8 Purge me from my sin and I shall be pure;*
wash me and I shall be clean indeed.
9 Make me hear of joy and gladness,*
that the body you have broken may rejoice.
10 Hide your face from my sins*
and blot out all my iniquities.
11 Create in me a clean heart, O God,*
and renew a right spirit within me.
12 Cast me not away from your presence*
and take not your holy Spirit from me.
13 Give me the joy of your saving help again*
and sustain me with your bountiful Spirit.
14 I shall teach your ways to the wicked,*
and sinners shall return to you.
15 Deliver me from death, O God,*
and my tongue shall sing of your righteousness,
   O God of my salvation.
16 Open my lips, O Lord,*
and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.
17 Had you desired it, I would have offered sacrifice,*
but you take no delight in burnt-offerings.
18 The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit;*
a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.
19 Be favourable and gracious to Zion,*
and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
20 Then you will be pleased with the appointed sacrifices,
   with burnt-offerings and oblations;*
then shall they offer young bullocks upon your altar.
Take away, O Lord, the sin that corrupts us;
restore by grace your own image within us;
give us the sorrow that heals
and the joy that praises,
that we may take our place among your people,
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 52

1 You tyrant, why do you boast of wickedness*
against the godly all day long?
2 You plot ruin; your tongue is like a sharpened razor,*
O worker of deception.
3 You love evil more than good*
and lying more than speaking the truth.
4 You love all words that hurt,*
O you deceitful tongue.
[5 O that God would demolish you utterly,*
topple you and snatch you from your dwelling
   and root you out of the land of the living!]
6 The righteous shall see and tremble,*
and they shall laugh, saying,
7 ‘This is the one who did not take God for a refuge,*
but trusted in great wealth and relied upon wickedness.’
8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God;*
I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.
9 I will give you thanks for what you have done*
and declare the goodness of your name
   in the presence of the godly.
Faithful God, full of mercy,
nourish your people in a world of violence;
through prayer and the scriptures
give us the life-giving water of truth
and the rich goodness of your presence;
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 53

1 The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’*
All are corrupt and commit abominable acts;
   there is none who does any good.
2 God looks down from heaven upon us all,*
to see if there is any who is wise,
   if there is one who seeks after God.
3 Every one has proved faithless;
   all alike have turned bad;*
there is none who does good; no, not one.
4 Have they no knowledge, those evildoers*
who eat up my people like bread
   and do not call upon God?
5 See how greatly they tremble,
   such trembling as never was;*
for God has scattered the bones of the enemy;
   they are put to shame, because God has rejected them.
6 O that Israel’s deliverance would come out of Zion!*
when God restores the fortunes of his people
   Jacob will rejoice and Israel be glad.
In you, O God,
all reality holds together;
without you, all falls into corruption;
do not abandon us to our folly
but give us hearts that seek you
and, at the last, joy in your heavenly city;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 54

1 Save me, O God, by your name;*
in your might, defend my cause.
2 Hear my prayer, O God;*
give ear to the words of my mouth.
3 For the arrogant have risen up against me,
   and the ruthless have sought my life,*
those who have no regard for God.
4 Behold, God is my helper;*
it is the Lord who sustains my life.
5 Render evil to those who spy on me;*
in your faithfulness, destroy them.
6 I will offer you a freewill sacrifice*
and praise your name, O Lord, for it is good.
7 For you have rescued me from every trouble,*
and my eye has seen the ruin of my foes.
O living God,
reach through the violence of the proud
and the despair of the weak
to create in Jesus Christ
a free people to praise your holy Name.