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© The European Province of the Society of Saint Francis 1992

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Celebrating Common Prayer: The Calendar An Ordo, or daily guide, for the year, is available from selected bookshops or by sending a C6 stamped, addressed envelope, plus 50p, to Hilfield Friary at the above address (please state which year you require).

The Daily Office SSF: The Ordo, a daily guide for the year, is available by sending a C6 stamped, addressed envelope, plus 50p, to Hilfield Friary at the above address.

Celebrating Common Prayer
First published 1992
Reprinted 1992, 1993 (twice), 1994 (twice), 1995
Published in special binding 1994

The Daily Office SSF
First published 1992
Reprinted 1996

ISBN 0-264-67287-9 The Daily Office SSF
ISBN 0-264-67284-4 Celebrating Common Prayer, standard binding
ISBN 0-264-67352-2 Celebrating Common Prayer, special binding
ISBN 0-264-67351-4 Celebrating Common Prayer, Pocket Version

The Society of Saint Francis is indebted to churches, publishers and individuals whose copyright texts have been included with permission, in either original or adapted form. For further information, see Acknowledgements, page 706.

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