Use of Canticles

The canticles are printed in scriptural order, and the post- scriptural canticles are in chronological order (as far as can be judged), so Scriptural references here are not deemed necessary. Where a whole psalm constitutes a canticle, it is not listed below.

Old Testament

1 Sunday
3 Transfiguration
4 Friday (Opening)
5 Martyrs, Passiontide, Divine Compassion, Mary Magdalen, Holy Cross Day
6 Pentecost, Peace, Naming of Jesus (Opening)
7 Wednesday, Divine Compassion, Annunciation
8 Wednesday, Baptism (Opening), Unity, Franciscans, Joseph
9 Monday, Missionaries
10 Tuesday, Apostles & Evangelists, John Baptist
11 Tuesday, John Baptist, Transfiguration
12 Thursday, Naming of Jesus
13 Lent, Kingdom
14 Friday, Lent, Peace, Corpus Christi, Michael
15 Thursday, Unity, Presentation
16 Saturday, All Saints
17 Martyrs, Passiontide
18 Kingdom, Group Commemorations, Any Saint, Peace, BVM
19 Friday (Opening), Stigmata (Opening)
20 Monday, Apostles & Evangelists, Unity
21 Friday, Easter Eve
22 Lent, Martyrs, Departed, Holy Innocents


23 Sunday, Departed, Ascension Day
24 Pentecost
25 Saturday, Departed
26 Pentecost, Teachers, Clare
27 Teachers, O Sapientia, BVM
28 Teachers, Bishops, Group Commemorations, Any Saint
29 Apostles & Evangelists
30 Francis, Clare
31 Advent, Apostles & Evangelists, Religious
32 Advent
33 Trinity (Opening)
34 Sunday (Concluding)
35 Lent, Trinity, Divine Compassion

New Testament

36 Saturday, Religious, Franciscans, All Saints, Mary Magdalen
37 Daily
38 Daily
39 Daily
40 Good Friday, Easter Eve, Pentecost, Martyrs, Departed, Paul
41 Monday, Pentecost, Trinity
42 Missionaries, Peace, Divine Compassion, Joseph, Clare
43 Monday, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Trinity, Apostles & Evangelists
44 Friday, Unity, Naming of Jesus, Annunciation
45 Wednesday, Baptism, Presentation
46 Thursday, Epiphany, Ascension Day, Apostles & Evangelists, Teachers, Missionaries, Michael
47 Kingdom, All Saints, Group Commemorations, Any Saint, Transfiguration, Michael
48 Sunday, Eastertide, John Baptist, Peter
49 Friday, Passiontide, Group Commemorations, Any Saint, Stigmata
50 Lent, Teachers, Bishops, Presentation
51 Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, BVM, Mary Magdalen
52 Thursday, Apostles & Evangelists
53 Saturday, Martyrs, Bishops, Baptism
54 Corpus Christi, Naming of Jesus
55 Tuesday
56 Saturday
57 Sunday, Peace
58 Tuesday, Religious, John Baptist


59 Daily
60 Sunday (Concluding), any feast day
61 Sunday (Concluding)
62 Lent, BVM, Unity, Divine Compassion, Holy Innocents
63 Unity, Franciscans
64 Corpus Christi, Divine Compassion
65 Corpus Christi, Divine Compassion, Holy Cross Day
66 Corpus Christi, Divine Compassion
67 Passiontide, Triumph of the Cross