The Calendar


Holy Days are either Feasts (Class I or Class II), or Memorials (Class III). Where no classification is given, a local decision should be made. Holy Days may be celebrated in the following way: ..lh2 ..lh10 Class I Morning and Evening Prayer are of the day, with proper psalms and readings. The celebration begins either with the First Evening Prayer or a Vigil and ends at Night Prayer the following day. Midday Prayer is of the ordinary day of the week, irrespective of the feast. Seasonal propers are available, though optional. Night Prayer is of the day, with a reading and the festal refrain for the gospel canticle. ..lh2 ..lh10 Class II Morning and Evening Prayer are of the day, with proper psalms and readings. Midday Prayer is of the ordinary day of the week, irrespective of the feast. Seasonal propers are available, though optional. Night Prayer is of the day, with a reading and the festal refrain for the gospel canticle. ..lh2 ..lh10 Class III Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are of the ordinary day or season, with the collect of the commemoration. Common propers may be used. Midday Prayer is of the ordinary day of the week. Seasonal propers are available, though optional. Night Prayer is of the ordinary day or season. When saints’ days are observed in festal and penitential seasons, the choice of psalms, readings and hymns should, as far as possible, reflect the character of the season and maintain its continuity. DAYS OF SPECIAL OBSERVANCE

Christmas Eve and Easter Eve are days of preparation and vigil, therefore the collects of Christmas Day and Easter Day are not said on Christmas Eve and Easter Eve respectively.

Ash Wednesday, the days of Holy Week and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (2 November) are days of special devotion. The days after Christmas until 6 January, and the days of Easter Week, are days of special thanksgiving.

The nine days after Ascension Day until Pentecost are days of prayer and preparation to celebrate the outpouring of the Spirit.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, usually observed 18 to 25 January, may be observed between the alternative dates of Ascension Day and the feast of Pentecost (as it is in some parts of the world).

Ember Days, Rogation Days and Harvest Thanksgivings are observed at the Eucharist. If there is no celebration of the Eucharist, a collect from the ASB may be used in the Office. THE SEASONS (TEMPORALE) ..tc ! ..ta ADVENT 1st Sunday of Advent II 2nd Sunday of Advent II 3rd Sunday of Advent II From 17 December (O Sapientia) begin the eight days of prayer before Christmas 4th Sunday of Advent II Eve and Vigil of Christmas ..lh4 ..lh10 CHRISTMASTIDE Christmas Day – 25 December I 1st Sunday of Christmas – The Holy Family II 2nd Sunday of Christmas II ..lh4 ..lh10 EPIPHANYTIDE Epiphany of Christ – 6 January I Baptism of Christ – 1st Sunday of the Epiphany I 2nd Sunday of the Epiphany II 3rd Sunday of the Epiphany II 4th Sunday of the Epiphany II Presentation of Christ – Candlemas – 2 February I ..lh4 ..lh10 PRE-LENT Fifth Sunday before Lent II Fourth Sunday before Lent II Third Sunday before Lent II Second Sunday before Lent II Sunday next before Lent II LENT Ash Wednesday I 1st Sunday of Lent II 2nd Sunday of Lent II 3rd Sunday of Lent II 4th Sunday of Lent – Mothering Sunday II ..lh4 ..lh10 PASSIONTIDE 5th Sunday of Lent II Palm Sunday II Monday of Holy Week Tuesday of Holy Week Wednesday of Holy Week Maundy Thursday I Good Friday I Eve and Vigil of Easter ..lh4 ..lh10 EASTERTIDE Easter Day I Monday of Easter Week Tuesday of Easter Week Wednesday of Easter Week Thursday of Easter Week Friday of Easter Week Saturday of Easter Week 2nd Sunday of Easter II 3rd Sunday of Easter II 4th Sunday of Easter II 5th Sunday of Easter II 6th Sunday of Easter II Ascension Day I From Friday after Ascension begin the nine days of prayer before Pentecost (Week of Prayer for Christian Unity may also be kept during this time) 7th Sunday of Easter II Pentecost (Whit Sunday) I AFTER PENTECOST Trinity Sunday – 1st Sunday after Pentecost I Day of Thanksgiving for the Eucharist – Corpus Christi – Thursday after Pentecost 1 I 2nd Sunday after Pentecost II 3rd Sunday after Pentecost II 4th Sunday after Pentecost II 5th Sunday after Pentecost II 6th Sunday after Pentecost II 7th Sunday after Pentecost II 8th Sunday after Pentecost II 9th Sunday after Pentecost II 10th Sunday after Pentecost II 11th Sunday after Pentecost II 12th Sunday after Pentecost II 13th Sunday after Pentecost II 14th Sunday after Pentecost II 15th Sunday after Pentecost II 16th Sunday after Pentecost II 17th Sunday after Pentecost II 18th Sunday after Pentecost II 19th Sunday after Pentecost II 20th Sunday after Pentecost II 21st Sunday after Pentecost II 22nd Sunday after Pentecost II Last Sunday after Pentecost II ..lh4 ..lh10 Dedication Festival – Last Sunday of October I or Reformation Sunday – Last Sunday of October II ..lh4 ..lh10 THE SUNDAYS OF THE KINGDOM All Saints’ Day – 1 November I 1st Sunday of the Kingdom – All Saints’ Sunday II 2nd Sunday of the Kingdom – Remembrance Sunday II 3rd Sunday of the Kingdom II 4th Sunday of the Kingdom – Sunday next before Advent which may be observed as the feast of The Kingship of Christ I ..tn THE HOLY DAYS (SANCTORALE) JANUARY ..tc! ! ..ta 1 Eighth Day of Christmas Naming and Circumcision of Jesus the Christ I 2 Ninth Day of Christmas 3 Tenth Day of Christmas 4 Eleventh Day of Christmas 5 Twelfth Day of Christmas 6 The Epiphany of Christ I 13 Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Teacher, 367 III 17 Antony of Egypt, Abbot, 356 III 18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18 Confession of Peter II 21 Agnes, Martyr at Rome, 304 III 24 Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, Teacher, 1622 III 25 Conversion of Paul II 26 Timothy and Titus, Companions of Paul III 27 John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, Teacher, 407 III 28 Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Teacher, 1274 III 30 Charles Stuart, Martyr, 1649 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 2 Basil the Great (379) (alternative date to 14 June) & Gregory Nazianzen (389), Bishops, Teachers 3 Gladys Aylward, Missionary in China, 1970 11 Alternative date for Holy Innocents 19 Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester, 1095 20 Fabian, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, 250 20 Sebastian of Rome, Martyr, 288 22 Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon, first Martyr of Spain, 304 23 Charles Gore, Bishop, Religious, Teacher, 1932 27 Friedrich von Hgel, Theologian, Philosopher, 1925 31 John Bosco, Founder of the Salesian Order, 1888 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 FEBRUARY ..tc! ! ..ta 2 Presentation of Christ (Candlemas) I 3 Saints and Martyrs of Europe III 21 Saints and Martyrs of Africa III 23 Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, Martyr, c.155 III 27 George Herbert, Priest, Pastor, Poet, 1633 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 1 Bridget, Abbess of Kildare, c.525 4 Gilbert of Sempringham, Founder of the Gilbertine Order, 1189 5 Agatha, Martyr at Catania, c.250 14 Valentine, Martyr at Rome, 269 14 Cyril (Constantine), 869, and Methodius, 885, Missionaries to the Slavs 17 Janani Luwûum, Archbishop of Uganda, Martyr, 1977 24 Alternative date for Matthias the Apostle 26 Florence Li Tim-Oi, Priest, Pastor, Handmaid of the Lord, 1992 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 MARCH ..tc! ! ..ta 1 David, Bishop of Menevia, Patron of Wales, c.601 II 2 Chad, Abbot of Lastingham, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary, 672 III 7 Perpetua and her Companions, Martyrs, 203 III 8 Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, Teacher, 1910 III 17 Patrick, Bishop of Armagh, Patron of Ireland, c.460 II 19 Joseph, Husband of the Blessèd Virgin Mary II 20 Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 687 III 20 Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1711 III 21 Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1556 III 25 Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessèd Virgin Mary I 29 John Keble, Pastor, Poet, 1866 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 8 Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, Priest, Poet, 1929 9 Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, Teacher, c.394 18 Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, Teacher, 387 19 Alternative date for Thomas Ken 24 Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, Martyr, 1980 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 APRIL ..tc! ! ..ta 8 Saints and Martyrs of the Americas III 9 William Law, Mystic, Non-juror, 1761 III 21 Anselm, Abbot of Le Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1109 III 23 George, Martyr, Patron of England, 4th century II 25 Mark the Evangelist II 29 Catherine of Siena, Mystic, Teacher, 1380 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 3 Richard de Wych, Bishop of Chichester, Scholar, 1253 9 Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Theologian, Martyr, 1945 10 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Visionary, 1955 11 George Augustus Selwyn, first Bishop of New Zealand, 1878 19 Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1012 23 Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1988 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 MAY ..tc! ! ..ta 1 Philip and James, Apostles II 2 Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher, 373 III 8 Julian of Norwich, Mystic, c.1417 III 14 Matthias the Apostle II 19 Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, 988 III 24 John, 1792, and Charles, 1788, Wesley, Priests, Poets, Teachers III 25 Venerable Bede, Priest, Monk of Jarrow, Teacher, 735 III 26 Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury, 605 II 31 Visit of the Blessèd Virgin Mary to Elizabeth II ..tn

Friday after Ascension Day to Pentecost: Alternative dates for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 6 Alternative date for John the Evangelist 12 Simon of Cyrene, Bearer of the Cross of Christ 14 24 February alternative date for Matthias the Apostle 21 Helena, 330, and Constantine, 337, Protectors of the Faith 25 Aldhelm, Abbot of Malmesbury, Bishop of Sherborne, 709 26 John Calvin, Theologian, Reformer, 1564 28 Lanfranc, Prior of Le Bec, Abbot of St Etienne de Caen, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1089 30 Joan of Arc, Martyr, 1431 31 Angela de’ Merici, Founder of the Institute of St Ursula, 1540 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 JUNE ..tc! ! ..ta 1 Justin, Martyr at Rome, c.165 III 5 Boniface ¨Wynfrith) of Crediton, Archbishop of Mainz, Martyr, 754 III 9 Columba, Founding Abbot of Iona, Missionary, 597 III 11 Barnabas the Apostle II 14 The Fathers of the Eastern Church III 14 Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea, Teacher of the Faith, 379 III 22 Alban, first Martyr of Britain, 3rd century II 24 Birth of John the Baptist I 28 Irenæus, Bishop of Lyons, Martyr, c.200 III 29 Peter and Paul, Apostles II ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 3 Martyrs of Uganda, 1886 & 1978 3 John XXIII, Bishop of Rome, Inspirer of Renewal, 1963 13 Antony of Padua, Priest, Friar, Teacher, 1231 14 2 January alternative date for Basil 15 Evelyn Underhill, Mystical Writer, 1941 18 Bernard Mizeki, Apostle to the Mashona, 1896 20 Translation of Edward of the West Saxons, Martyr, 978 27 Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria, Theologian, Teacher, 444 ..tn Friday after Pentecost 2 – Divine Compassion of Christ ..pf p 9 ..lh10 JULY ..tc! ! ..ta 3 Thomas the Apostle II 6 Thomas More, Martyr, 1535 III 11 Benedict, Patriarch of Western Monasticism, c.550 II 22 Mary Magdalen, Apostle to the Apostles II 25 James the Great, Apostle II 26 Anne and Joachim, Parents of the Blessèd Virgin Mary III 29 William Wilberforce, Social Reformer, 1833 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 3 21 December alternative date for Thomas the Apostle 4 Elizabeth of Portugal, Franciscan Tertiary, 1626 6 Or Thomas More and John Fisher, Martyrs, 1535 15 Translation of Swithun, c.862, translated 971 16 Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, 1099 20 Margaret of Antioch, Martyr, date unknown 29 Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Companions of our Lord 31 Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus, 1556 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 AUGUST ..tc! ! ..ta 5 Oswald of Northumbria, Martyr, 642 III 6 Transfiguration of Christ I 8 Dominic, Priest, Founder of the Order of Preachers, 1221 III 10 Laurence, Deacon at Rome, Martyr, 258 III 11 Clare, Founder of the Minoresses (Poor Clares), 1253 III 13 Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Connor, Pastor, Teacher, 1667 III 20 Bernard, Founding Abbot of Clairvaux, Teacher, 1153 III 24 Bartholomew the Apostle II 28 Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Teacher, 430 III 31 Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 651 III 31 John Bunyan, Author, 1688 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 3 Alternative date for Stephen, the first Christian Martyr 4 Alternative date for Dominic 4 John Vianney, the Cur› d’Ars, Priest, Pastor, 1859 9 Mary Sumner, Founder of the Mothers’ Union, 1921 11 John Henry Newman, Priest, Tractarian, 1890 13 Florence Nightingale, Social Reformer, 1910 14 Maximilien Kolbe, Priest, Friar, Martyr, 1941 15 The Blessèd Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ 24 Simone Weil, Spiritual Writer, Mystic, 1943 27 Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387 29 Beheading of John the Baptist ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 SEPTEMBER ..tc! ! ..ta 3 Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, Teacher, 604 III 8 Birth of the Blessèd Virgin Mary II 13 Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, Martyr, 258 III 14 Holy Cross Day II 20 Saints and Martyrs of Australia and the Pacific III 21 Matthew the Apostle II 25 Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, 1626 III 27 Vincent de Paul, Founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Lazarists), 1660 III 29 Michael and All Angels II ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 1 Giles of Provence, Hermit, c.710 4 Translation of Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester (Oxon), Apostle of Wessex, 650 15 Mary at the Cross 16 Ninian, Bishop of Galloway, Apostle to the Picts, c.432 16 Edward Bouverie Pusey, Priest, Tractarian, 1882 17 Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht, Missionary, Martyr, 705 17 Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, Visionary, 1179 19 Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 690 20 John Coleridge Patteson, Bishop of Melanesia, Martyr, 1871 30 Jerome, Translator of the Scriptures, 420 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 OCTOBER ..tc! ! ..ta 4 Francis of Assisi, Friar, Deacon, Founder of the Friars Minor, 1226 II 6 William Tyndale, Translator of the Scriptures, Martyr, 1536 III 10 Paulinus, Monk, Bishop of York, Missionary, 644 III 13 Translation of Edward the Confessor, 1066 III 15 Teresa of Avila, Mystic, Teacher, 1582 III 17 Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr, c.107 III 18 Luke the Evangelist II 28 Simon and Jude, Apostles II 29 James Hannington, Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa, Martyr in Uganda, 1885 III 31 Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 1 Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, Apostle of the Franks, 533 1 Thrèse of Lisieux, Carmelite Nun, 1897 3 George Kennedy Bell, Bishop of Chichester, Ecumenist, Man of Peace, 1958 6 Faith, Martyr, 3rd century 9 Denys and his Companions, Martyrs, 258 12 Wilfrid, Bishop of York, Missionary, 709 12 Elizabeth Fry, Prison Reformer, 1845 16 Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, Bishops and Martyrs, 1555 16 Henry Martyn, Translator of the Scriptures, Missionary in India and Persia, 1812 19 Frideswide, Founding Abbess of Oxford, 735 25 Crispin and Crispinian, Martyrs at Rome, c.285 26 Alfred of Wessex, Scholar, 899 26 William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, Philosopher, 1944 30 Martin Luther, Ecclesiastical Reformer, 1546 ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 NOVEMBER ..tc! ! ..ta 1 All Saints’ Day I 2 Commemoration of the Faithful Departed II 3 Richard Hooker, Anglican Apologist, Teacher, 1600 III 8 Saints and Martyrs of the British Isles III 11 Martin, Monk, Bishop of Tours, c.397 III 13 Charles Simeon, Pastor, Teacher, 1836 III 16 Margaret of Scotland, Philanthropist, 1093 III 17 Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, 680 III 17 Hugh, Monk, Bishop of Lincoln, 1200 III 20 Edmund of East Anglia, Martyr, 870 III 30 Andrew the Apostle, Patron of Scotland II ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 6 Leonard, Hermit, 6th century 7 Willibrord of York, Apostle of Frisia, Archbishop of Utrecht, 739 10 Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome, 461 16 Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1240 19 Elizabeth of Hungary, Philanthropist, 1231 20 Mechtild, Bguine of Magdeburg, Mystic, Prophet, 1280 22 Cecilia, Martyr at Rome, c.230 23 Clement, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, c.100 29 Day of Intercession and Thanksgiving for the Missionary Work of the Church ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10 DECEMBER ..tc! ! ..ta 2 Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, Founder of the Little Gidding Community, 1637 III 3 Saints and Martyrs of Asia III 3 Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, Missionary, 1552 III 6 Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c.326 III 7 Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Teacher, 397 III 8 Conception of the Blessèd Virgin Mary II 14 John of the Cross, Mystic, Teacher, 1591 III 17 O Sapientia 24 Eve and Vigil of Christmas 25 Christmas Day I 26 Second Day of Christmas Stephen, the first Christian Martyr II 27 Third Day of Christmas John the Evangelist II 28 Fourth Day of Christmas The Holy Innocents II 29 Fifth Day of Christmas Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1170 III 30 Sixth Day of Christmas Josephine Butler, Social Reformer, 1906 III 31 Seventh Day of Christmas John Wyclif, Theologian, Reformer, 1384 III ..tn ..pf p 7 ..lh 7.5 Additional commemorations where desired: ..tc! ..ta 1 Charles de Foucauld, Hermit, Servant of the Poor, 1916 4 Clement of Alexandria, Theologian, c.217 10 Thomas Merton, Monk, Spiritual Writer, 1968 12 Jane Frances de Chantal, Founder of the Order of the Visitation, 1641 13 Lucy, Martyr at Syracuse, 304 21 Alternative date for Thomas the Apostle 26 3 August alternative date for Stephen, Protomartyr 27 6 May alternative date for John the Evangelist 28 11 January alternative date for Holy Innocents 29 7 July alternative date for Thomas Becket ..tn ..pf p 9 ..lh10