Distinctions in the Text
Sections of services with numbers in blue may be omitted. Where a number of options are included in a mandatory part of a service, the rubric governing the options is numbered in black, but the texts themselves are numbered in blue. Texts in bold type are to be said by the congregation.
Saying and Singing
Where rubrics indicate that a section is to be `said', this must be understood to include `or sung' and vice versa.
Biblical Passages
The sentences, psalms, and readings may be read in any duly authorized version.
Prayer Book Texts
Where parts of a service are sung to well-known settings, the traditional words for which they were composed may be used.
The Lord's Prayer
On any occasion the Lord's Prayer may be used in its modern form (as in Holy Communion Rite A p. 142), or in its modified form (as in Holy Communion Rite B p. 196), or in its traditional form (as in the Book of Common Prayer).
On any occasion when more than one collect is provided, only one need be used.
Collect Endings
In the case of any collect ending with the words `Christ our Lord', the Minister may at his discretion add the longer ending:
`who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.'