An Anglican Liturgical Library


First, many thanks to those who have contributed texts to this library. Some have provided html versions, others have provided texts in various formats which have been converted to html and/or to rtf. A few have provided printed texts which I have scanned or typed in. My thanks to them all.

They include: Tom Ambrose, Stephen Benner, Gordon Giles, Justin Lewis-Anthony, Brian Mayne, Tom Meyrick, Geoff Percival, Simon Sarmiento, Andrew Spurr, Phillip Tovey, Tristam SSF, and Tony and Paul Wheeler.

Secondly, I am very grateful to those who have permitted or tolerated copyright texts being made available here. In particular my thanks to The Canterbury Press, Norwich, publishers of Exciting Holiness for allowing me to include the complete text of that book; and to Mowbray (an imprint of Cassell) for permission to reproduce the complete text Celebrating Common Prayer. My thanks also to the Copyright Administrator at Church House Publishing. I hope that these examples of how liturgical texts may be published using the Internet will encourage further use of the medium, and allow the good work of the liturgical revisers to be made available and be used to the greater glory of God.

Simon Kershaw 10th August, 1998.