We limit not the truth of God

We limit not the truth of God
to our poor reach of mind,
by notions of our day and sect,
crude, partial, and confined.
no, let a new and better hope
within our hearts be stirred:
The Lord hath yet more light and truth
to break forth from his word.

Who dares to bind to one's own sense
the oracles of heaven,
for all the nations, tongues and climes
and all the ages given?
That universe, how much unknown!
The ocean unexplored! Refrain

O Father, Son, and Spirit, send
us increase from above;
enlarge, expand all Christian souls
to comprehend thy love,
and make us to go on, to know
with nobler powers conferred: Refrain

Words: George Rawson (1807-1889)

Music: Old 22nd, Halifax

Meter: CMD

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