Wait for the Lord (Taiz‚)

Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart

Wake, awake, for night is flying

Wake, harp of Zion, wake again

Wake, my tongue, the mystery telling

Wake, O wake, and sleep no longer

Wake, O wake, for night is flying

Wake, O wake! with tidings thrilling

Wake up, O people

Wake, O my soul, awake and raise

Wake, the watchmen's voice is sounding

Wake, ye holy maidens, fearing

Waken, Christian children!

Waken, O sleeper, wake and rise

Walk in the light: so shalt thou know

Walk softly in springtime

Walk the hills and you will find him

Walking in a garden

Walking on the winged wind

Warm as the sun

Warrior kings fresh glory gain

Was ever grief like thine

Wash, O God, our sons and daughters

Watch now, ye Christians, watch and pray

Watchman, tell us of the night

Waterfall and ocean

We all believe in God who made

We all had sinned and gone astray

We all, O God, unrighteous are

We are a chosen people

We are being built into a temple

We are but little children weak

We are called to stand together

We are Christ's for ever

We are gathering together

We are here to praise you

We are his children

We are his people

We are little children, very young indeed

We are little Christian children

We are marching in the great procession

We are marching in the light of God

We are marching on with shield and banner bright

We are moving on

We are not our own

We are on the Lord's road

We are one body in the Lord

We are soldiers of Christ, who is mighty to save

We are the soldiers of Christ

We are waiting, Jesus, waiting

We are your people, Lord, by your grace

We believe in God almighty

We believe in God the Father

We believe in God the Father (Kendrick)

We bid thee welcome in the name

We bless the God and Father

We bless you, God of Israel

We bow down

We break this bread

We bring our children, Lord, today

We bring the sacrifice of praise

We bring you, Lord, our prayer and praise

We build our school on thee, O Lord

We build with fruitless cost, unless

We can plow and dig the land

We cannot measure how you heal

We children, Lord, have come

We come as guests invited

We come, Lord, to thy feet

We come, O Christ, to thee

We come to thee, dear Savior

We come to this your table, Lord

We come unto our fathers' God

We cry, "Hosanna, Lord"

We declare your majesty

We eat the plants that grow from the seed

We fain would love thee, dearest Lord

We find thee, Lord, in others' need

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing

We give God thanks for those who knew

We give God thanks for those who knew

We give immortal praise

We give thee but thine own

We give you thanks, O God

We hail thee now, O Jesus

We hail thy Presence glorious

We have a dream

We have a gospel to proclaim

We have a King who came to earth

We have a King who rides a donkey

We have come as the family of God

We have come at Christ's own bidding

We have come into his house

We have heard a joyful sound

We have not known thee as we ought

We have not seen, we cannot see

We have sung our songs

We hold the death of the Lord

We know not a voice of that river

We know not, O, we know not

We know that Christ is raised and dies no more

We know that thou shalt come

We know thee, Lord, the eternal Way

We know thee who thou art

We lay our broken world

We lift our hearts, O Father

We limit not the truth of God

We love the place, O God

We love thee, Lord, yet not alone

We love thy kingdom, Lord

We march, we march to victory

We meet you, O Christ, in many a guise

We need each other's voice to sing

We plow the fields, and scatter

We praise the King of realms on high

We praise thee, Lord, for all the martyred throng

We praise thee, O our God, to thee

We praise thy grace, O Savior

We praise thy name, all holy Lord

We praise thy name, O Lord most high

We praise, we worship thee, O God

We praise, we worship thee, O God

We praise you, Father, for your gift

We praise you for the sun

We praise you, God, confessing you as Lord

We praise you, Lord, for Jesus Christ

We praise you, Lord, today

We praise you, O God, our redeemer, creator

We praise you, we bless you

We pray for peace

We pray thee, Father, to accept

We pray thee, heavenly Father

We pray thee, Jesus, who didst first

We really want to thank you, Lord

We rest on thee, our shield and our defender

We saw thee not when, far away

We saw thee not when thou didst come

We saw thee not when thou didst tread

We see the Lord

We shall see him in the morning

We shall stand

We shall stay awake

We share a new day's dawn

We sing for all the unsung saints

We sing of God, the mighty source

We sing the glorious conquest

We sing the praise of him who died

We sing to you, O God

We sing your mercies

We speak of the realms of the blest

We thank God for the harvest

We thank the Lord of all the earth

We thank thee, Father, Lord of earth and sky

We thank thee, Lord, for this fair earth

We thank thee, Lord, for this our food

We thank thee, loving Father

We thank thee, O our Father

We thank you, God almighty

We thank you, God, for soft green grass

We thank you, Lord of Heaven

We the Lord's people,. heart and voice uniting

We three kings of Orient are

We turn to Christ alone

We turn to Christ anew

We turn to you, O God of every nation

We walk by faith, and not by sight

We want to see Jesus lifted high

We were washed in holy water

We who live by sound and symbol

We who would lead thy flock must be

We will give ourselves no rest

We will lay our burden down

We will praise

We will run and not grow weary

We will sing of our Redeemer

We wish you many happy returns of the day

We worship and adore you

We worship God in harmony

We worship thee, great sovereign Lord

We would extol thee, ever-blessed Lord

We would see Jesus; for the shadows lengthen

We your people

Wearied in the strife of sin

Weary of all trumpeting

Weary of earth, and laden with my sin

Weary of wandering from my God

Weep not for him who onward bears

Weeping as they go their way

Welcome, day of the Lord

Welcome, happy morning

Welcome, King o f kings

Welcome, morning of joy, glad feast that all ages shall hollow (Ascension)

Welcome, morning of joy, glad feast that all ages shall hollow (Pentecost)

Welcome, morning of joy, glad feast that all ages shall hollow (Dedication)

Welcome, morning of joy, glad feast that all ages shall hollow (Easter)

Welcome, sweet day of rest

Welcome to another day

We'll sing a new song

We'll sing in the morning

We'll walk the land

Well, Jesus is the rock

Well worth the long ascent

We're a bright light together

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

We've a story to tell to the nations

We've no abiding city here

What a Friend we have in Jesus

What a mighty God we serve

What a noise shall we make

What a strange and wondrous story

What a wonderful change

What a wonderful Savior is Jesus!

What Adam's disobedience cost

What are these in bright array?

What are these that glow from afar

What are those Sabbaths of joy without end

What care the saints of God, if they

What child is this, who, laid to rest

What conscience dictates to be done

What do I owe

What does the Lord require

What does the Lord require of you

What God ordains is always good

What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone

What have we to show our Savior

What heroes thou hast bred

What if the One who shapes the stars

What is the crying at Jordan?

What kind of greatness

What kind of love is this

What king would wade

What mean these voices lifted high in song

What our Father does is well

What shall I do my God to love

What shall I do my God to love

What shall our offering be

What shall we bring

What shall we offer our good Lord

What sorrow sore

What star is this, more glorious far

What star is this, that beams so bright (Singleton)

What star is this, with beams so bright

What sweet of life endureth

What thanks and praise to thee we owe

What these sounds from every quarter

What though fields of earth have yielded

What time the evening shadows fall

What various hindrances we meet

What wisdom, majesty and grace

What wondrous love is this

Whatever is true

Whate'er my God ordains is right

When a knight won his spurs

When Abram full of sacred awe

When all around are troubled

When all the world to life is waking

When all thy mercies, O my God

When along life's thorny road

When at midday my task I ply

When at thy footstool, Lord, I bend

When by fear my heart is daunted

When came in flesh the incarnate Word

When candles are lighted on Candlemas Day

When Christ, at evening hour

When Christ came down on earth

When Christ had shown God's dawning Reign

When Christ our Lord had passed once more

When Christ the Lord would come on earth

When Christ was born in Bethlehem

When Christ was born of Mary free

When Christ was lifted from the earth

When Christ's appearing was made known

When circumstances make my life

When cold our hearts and far from thee

When day's shadows lengthen

When doomed to death, the Apostle lay

When evening shadows gather

When fairest Eve in Eden rose

When from the east the wise men came

When gathering clouds around I view

When God Almighty came to be one of us

When God Almighty came to earth

When God from heaven to earth came down

When God made the garden of creation

When God of old came down from heaven

When God restored our common life

When God the Spirit came

When he comes back

When he comes, we'll see just a child

When he cometh, when he cometh

When he was baptized in Jordan

When, his salvation bringing

When his time was over, the palms lay where they fell

When human voices cannot sing

When I call, answer me, O God of justice

When I can read my title clear

When I can trust my all with God

When I feel the touch

When I lift up my voice

When I look into your holiness

When I needed a neighbor were you there

When I survey life's varied scene

When I survey the wondrous Cross

When in his own image

When in our music God is glorified

When in the hour of utmost need

When in the Lord Jehovah's Name

When Israel by divine command

When Israel was in Egypt's land

When Jesus came to earth of old

When Jesus came to Jordan

When Jesus died to save us

When Jesus led his chosen three

When Jesus left his Father's throne

When Jesus on this earth

When Jesus taught by Galilee

When Jesus to our rescue drew

When Jesus walked upon this earth

When Jesus was a baby

When Jesus was my age

When Jesus went to Jordan's stream

When Jesus wept, the falling tear

When Jordan hushed his waters still

When Judas did his Lord reject

When lamps are lighted in the town

When langor and disease invade

When long before time

When, Lord, to this our western land

When love is found and hope comes home

When low in heaven the sun was now descended

When marshaled on the nightly plain

When Mary brought her treasure

When morning gilds the skies

When mothers of Salem

When musing sorrow weeps the past

When my lip confesses

When my love to Christ grows weak

When my sorrows cover me

When near Jerusalem of old

When o'er the waters' misty deep

When on my day of life

When our God came to earth

When our heads are bowed with woe

When our master Jesus went away

When pain and terror strike by chance

When peace like a river

When, rising from the bed of death

When shades of night around us close

When shall thy love constrain

When shepherds watched and angels sang

When sorrow shades this heart of mine

When spring unlocks the flowers

When Stephen, full of power and grace

When streaming from the eastern skies

When the Architect almighty had created heaven and earth

When the church of Jesus

When the crimson sun had set

When the dark waves round us roll

When the day of toil is done

When the herds were watching

When the King shall come again

When the light of first creation

When the Lord brought back

When the Lord came to our land

When the Lord delivered Zion from bondage

When the Lord in glory comes

When the messengers of wrath

When the morning paints the skies

When the morning stars together

When the music fades

When the paschal evening fell

When the sky turned black and Jesus cried

When the soft dews of kindly sleep

When the spark of life is waning

When the Spirit of the Lord

When the stars in their flight

When the threefold name was spoken

When the time is right

When the trumpet of the Lord

When the unquiet hours depart

When the waters cover me

When the weary, seeking rest

When the world is brightest

When things began to happen

When this land knew God's gracious love

When this passing world is done

When thou, O Lord, didst send the twelve

When through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming

When through the whirl of wheels

When thy soldiers take their swords

When to our world the Savior came

When to the House of God we go

When to the sacred font we came

When trouble strikes and fear takes root

When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed

When virgin morn doth call thee to arise

When we our wearied limbs to rest

When we to cleansing waters came

When we walk with the Lord

When wilt thou save the people?

When wounded sore, the stricken heart

When you prayed beneath the trees

When your Father made the world

Whence shall my tears begin?

Whence those sounds symphonious

Whene'er we contemplate the grace

Where angelic hosts adore thee

Where charity and love prevail

Where cross the crowded ways of life

Where high the heavenly temple stands

Where is death's sting? We were not born to die

Where is this stupendous stranger?

Where is thy God, my soul

Where Jordan cuts the wilderness

Where love and loving-kindness dwell

Where the angel hosts adore thee

Where the appointed sacrifice

Where the Light for ever shineth

Where the Lord walks

Where the mourner weeping

Where the Spirit is, there's freedom

Where there is charity and love

Where there once was only hurt

Where true charity and love dwell

Where true love is found with charity

Where true love is present

Where wide sky rolls down and touches red sand

Wherefore, faint and fearful ever

Wherefore, O Father, we thy humble servants

Wherefore, O Father, we thy humble servants (Dearmer)

Wherever I am

Wherever you go

Where'er have trod thy sacred feet

While by the sheep we watched at night

While morning still is breaking

While now the daylight fills the sky

While o'er the deep thy servants sail

While shepherds watched their flocks by night

While the solemn note of time

While the sun is shining

While thee I seek, protecting Power

While through this barren wilderness

While, with ceaseless course, the sun

Who are these before God's throne

Who are these in bright array

Who are these like stars appearing

Who are we who stand and sing

Who can cheer the heart

Who can measure heaven and earth

Who can sound the depths of sorrow

Who comes from Edom, with his robes

Who comes from God, as Word and Breath?

Who does Jesus love

Who dreads, yet undismayed

Who fathoms the eternal thought

Who feels not thoughts within him rise

Who has seen the wind

Who has this book and reads it not

Who honors courage here

Who is he in deep distress

Who is he in yonder stall

Who is like unto thee

Who is on the Lord's side

Who is she ascends so high

Who is the baby an hour or two old

Who is there like thee

Who is there like you?

Who is there on this Easter morning

Who is this from Bethlehem coming

Who is this, so weak and helpless

Who is this that comes from Edom

Who is this? the long-expected

Who is this with garments dyed

Who is this with garments gory

Who knows how near my end may be

Who of men hath skill to reckon

Who paints the skies?

Who place on Zion's God their trust

Who put the colors in the rainbow?

Who sees it all

Who shall ascend the holy place

Who shall be the last great seer

Who the multitude can number

Who trusts in God, a strong abode

Who within that stable cries

Who would ever have believed it

Who would have dreamed it?

Who would think

Who would true valor see

Whoever lives besides the Lord

Why are the nations conspiring?

Why art thou weary, O my soul

Why, cruel Herod, dost thou fear

Why do ye weeping stand

Why doth that impious Herod fear

Why, drooping saint, dismayed

Why, impious Herod, should'st thou fear

Why, my soul, thus trembling ever

Why should cross and trial grieve me

Why should I fear the darkest hour

Why should we faint and fear to live alone

Why storm the heathen?

Why these fears? behold, 'tis Jesus

Why this tumult among nations

Why, weary mourner, shed the ceaseless tear

Wide, wide as the ocean

Will you come and follow me?

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?

Wilt thou forgive that sin, by man begun

Will ye also go away

Will you come and follow me?

Will your anchor hold

Wilt thou forgive that sin, where I begun

Wind of God, dynamic Spirit

Wind of the Spirit, blow

Wind upon the waters

Wind who makes all winds that blow

Wind, wind blow on me

Winter creeps

Winter reigneth o'er the land

Wise men of old came seeking

Wise men seeking Jesus

Wise men, they came to look for wisdom

Wish not, dear friends, my pain away

With all my heart (Field)

With all my heart (Mayor)

With azure girdle circled round

With broken heart and contrite sigh

With Christ we share a mystic grave

With gladsome feet we press

With gladsome hearts we come

With glorious clouds encompassed round

With glory clad, with strength arrayed

With God all things are possible

With golden splendor and with roseate hues of morn

With grateful hearts our faith professing

With harps and viols

With hearts renewed and cleansed from guilt

With Jesus for hero, for teacher and friend

With joy shall I behold the day

With joy we go up to the house of the Lord

With joy we hail the sacred day

With joy we meditate the grace

With loving hands

With me is Luke alone of all

With my heart I worship you

With my whole heart I will praise you, O Lord

With one consent let all the earth

With solemn faith we offer up

With tearful eyes I look around

With thanks before the Lord appear

With the body that was broken

With the sweet word of peace

With thee, O Lord, begins the year

With thy benediction

With trembling awe the chosen three

With undivided heart

With weary feet and saddened heart

With wonder, Lord, we see your works

With wonderful, deathless ditties

With years oppressed, with sorrows worn

Within a chamber, calm and still

Within a crib my Savior lay

Within Bethesda's porches five

Within our darkest night

Within the busy rush of life

Within the Church's sacred fold

Within the churchyard, side by side

Within the Father's house

Within the veil

Witness, ye men and angels; now

Woman in the night

Womb of life and source of being

Won, the victor's crown

Wonderful Counselor, Jesus

Wonderful Counselor, mighty God among us

Wonderful Counselor, the mighty God

Wonderful grace

Word of God, come down on earth

Word of God, so long awaited

Word of justice, alleluia

Word of the Father everlasting

Word of the Father, source of all things living

Word of the living God

Word supreme, before creation

Work, for the day is coming

Work, for the night is coming

Work on and be not weary in well-doing

Working together, wary and strong

Worship, glory, praise and honor

Worship, honor, glory, blessing

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

Worthy art thou, O Lord

Worthy is the Lamb (Fudge)

Worthy is the Lamb (Peacock)

Worthy is the Lamb seated (Hadden)

Worthy, O worthy are you, Lord

Would you walk by on the other side

Would'st thou learn the depth of sin

Wrestling in agony, wrestling alone

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