Flight into Egypt

Lonely travelers from the stable
Out beneath the hard blue sky
Journeying wandering, hoping, praying
For the safety of their child
While our mother Rachel's weeping
Fills the streets of Bethlehem.
Kyrie eleison.

Warned by angels, moved to save him
Who was born our kind to save,
Joseph leads his holy family
Far from Herod and harm's way.
Mary shielding and consoling
Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Kyrie eleison.

Fleeing from the land of promise
They in Egypt find a home
Strange the workings of God's mercy --
House of bondage now God's throne.
But for sons who all were murdered
Sorrow breaks the House of Bread.
Kyrie eleison.

True the tale of flight and exile.
Out of Egypt comes God's Son.
Angels tell of Herod's dying.
All is ended, all begun.
Jesus will grow up in Nazareth*
And the world will all be stunned.
Kyrie eleison.

Or: "a Nazarene"

Words: Copyright © 1997 by Vincent Uher. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.
Permission granted for one time use with inclusion of copyright notice and email notification to Fr Vincent Uher vuher@alumni.rice.edu.

Music: Divinum mysterium

Meter: 87 87 87 7

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