The splendour of God's truth

The splendour of God's truth we see
Like sunlight through the clouds.
We recognise the good and right
Yet wrong enthralls the crowds.
O Light of Christ, shine in our day.
Your truth we seek and crave.
And in your life may ours be hid
Who follow in your Way.

Come swiftly, Lord. Good Shepherd, come.
Your Church in pain revolves.
See, shepherds have betrayed the lambs
And shown themselves as wolves.
O heal your brokenhearted ones
Bereft and killed by shame.
Come claim your flock. Defend your own
Who love your voice and Name.

Beneath the cross and at the tomb
And in the upper room.
You pour upon us grace and power
To triumph over doom.
Your mother we take as our own.
On Peter's Rock we stand.
Oh feed and lead us by your Life
Into your promised land!

Words: Copyright © 2002 Vincent Uher. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.
Permission granted for one time use with inclusion of copyright notice and email notification to Fr Vincent Uher

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