Lord, we do not presume to come to thee

Lord, we do not presume to come to thee
As equals or as those of high degree,
But on our knees we cry and sing to thee.

Great is our Lord who heals the broken heart,
Who saves the weak and bids us do our part
To conquer evil and God's love impart.

Lord Jesus Christ, we know the time is near
For that great day when thou wilt soon appear.
By thy good Spirit help us persevere.

O help us grow in living faith and grace
Until we see thy mercy face to face,
And with thy saints in glory take our place.

Words: Copyright © 1995 Vincent Uher. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.
Permission granted for one time use with inclusion of copyright notice and email notification to Fr Vincent Uher vuher@alumni.rice.edu.

Music: Engelberg

Meter: 10 10 10 with Alleluia

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