Rejoice in the Lord, O friends of God's Son

Rejoice in the Lord, O friends of God's Son.
The feast is prepared, the waiting is done.
The banquet is spread with warm welcome for all.
O do not delay, but respond to God's call!

How gracious is God, how mighty and just.
His mercies are sure and worthy of trust.
Come, broken and weary. Come, burdened and torn.
With crowns of salvation Christ shall you adorn.

The Spirit and Bride bid all of us come.
The thirsty shall drink from our Father's love.
The hungry shall feed on the joys of the Lord,
And Jesus the Christ will be ever adored.

Words: Copyright © 2002 Vincent Uher. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.
Permission granted for one time use with inclusion of copyright notice and email notification to Fr Vincent Uher

Music: Laudate Dominum

Meter: 10 10 11 11

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