Ubi caritas et amor

Unchanging God, hear from eternal heaven

Unchanging God, who livest

Uncreated Fount of light

Unfurl the Empire's standard, and sing aloud today

Unknown and unrewarded

Unlike the cry of infancy

Unto him whose Name is holy

Unto Mary, demon-haunted

Unto the hills around do I lift up

Unto thee my heart is sighing

Unto thy holy altar, Lord

Unto thy temple, Lord, we come

Unto us a boy is born

Unto us is born a Son

Unworthy though I be

Up from the earth

Up in heaven, up in heaven

Up, new Jerusalem, and sing

Up to the hills I lift mine eyes

Up to the throne of God

Up to the throne on high

Up to those bright and gladsome hills

Uplift the blood-red banner

Upon the holy mount they stood

Upon the solitary mountain's height

Upon the virgin mother's breast

Upon thy table, Lord, we place

Uprouse you! Soldiers of the cross

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