Thou hallowed chosen morn of praise

Thou hallowed chosen morn of praise,
that best and greatest shinest;
fair Easter, queen of all the days,
of seasons, best, divinest!
Christ rose from death; and we adore
forever and forevermore.

Come, let us taste the Vine's new fruit,
for heavenly joy preparing;
today the branches with the root
in resurrection sharing:
whom as true God our hymns adore
forever and forevermore.

Rise, Zion, rise! and looking forth,
behold thy children round thee!
From east and west, from south and north,
thy scattered sons have found thee;
and in thy bosom Christ adore
forever and for evermore.

O Father, O co-equal Son,
O co-eternal Spirit,
in persons Three, in Godhead One,
and One in power and merit;
in thee baptized, we thee adore
forever and for evermore.

Words: John of Damascus, eighth century;
trans. John Mason Neale, 1862

Music: Mach's mit mir Gott, Dies ist der Tag

Meter: 87 87 88

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