The Lord ascendeth up on high

The Lord ascendeth up on high,
the Lord hath triumphed gloriously,
in power and might excelling;
the grave and hell are captive led,
lo! he returns, our glorious Head,
to his eternal dwelling.

The heavens with joy receive their Lord,
by saints, by angel hosts adored,
O day of exultation!
O earth, adore thy glorious King!
His rising, his ascension sing
with grateful adoration!

Our great high Priest hath gone before,
now on his Church his grace to pour,
and still his love he giveth;
O may our hearts to him ascend;
may all within us upward tend
to him who ever liveth!

Words: Arthur Tozer Russell (1806-1874)

Music: Nun freut euch, Ach Herr, du allerh”chster Gott

Meter: 87 87 887

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