Sweet Savior, bless us ere we go

Sweet Savior, bless us ere we go;
thy word into our minds instill,
and make our lukewarm hearts to glow
with lowly love and fervent will.
Through life's long day and death's dark night,
O gentle Jesus, be our Light.

The day is done, its hours have run,
and thou hast taken count of all,
the scanty triumphs grace hath won,
the broken vow, the frequent fall. Refrain

Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways
true absolution and release:
and bless us, more than in past days,
with purity and inward peace. Refrain

Do more than pardon; give us joy,
sweet fear, and sober liberty,
and simple hearts without alloy
that only long to be like thee. Refrain

For all we love, the poor, the sad,
the sinful, unto thee we call;
O let thy mercy make us glad:
thou art our Jesus, and our All. Refrain

Words: Frederick William Faber, 1852

Music: St. Matthias, Lodsworth, Stella

Meter: 88 88 88

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