Praise our great and gracious Lord

Praise our great and gracious Lord,
call upon his holy name;
raising hymns in glad accord,
all his mighty acts proclaim:
how he leads his chosen
unto Canaan's promised land,
how the word we have heard
firm and changeless still shall stand.

God has given the cloud by day,
given the moving fire by night;
guides his Israel on their way
from the darkness into light.
God it is who grants us
sure retreat and refuge nigh;
light of dawn leads us on:
'tis the Dayspring from on high.

Words: Harriet Auber (1773-1862), as alt. in The Hymnal 1982
If you have Auber's original words, please write.

Music: Maos Zur

Meter: 77 77 67 67

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