Our Lord, his Passion ended

Our Lord, his passion ended,
hath gloriously ascended,
yet though from him divided,
he leaves us not unguided;
all his benefits to crown
he hath sent his Spirit down,
burning like a flame of fire
his disciples to inspire.

God's Spirit is directing;
no more they sit expecting;
but forth to all the nation
they go with exultation;
that which God in them hath wrought
fills their life and soul and thought;
so their witness now can do
work as great in others too.

The centuries go gliding,
but still we have abiding
with us that Spirit Holy
to make us brave and lowly--
brave, for we feel our need:
God alone is strong indeed;
brave, for with the Spirit's aid
we can venture unafraid.

O Lord of every nation,
fill us with inspiration!
We know our own unfitness,
yet for thee would bear witness.
By thy Spirit now we raise
to the heavenly Father praise:
Holy Spirit, Father, Son,
make us know thee, ever One.

Words: Francis Crawford Burkitt, 1920

Music: Maidstone, Naphill

Meter: 77 77 D

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