Only-begotten, Word of God eternal

Only-Begotten, Word of God eternal,
Lord of Creation, merciful and mighty,
list to thy servants, when their tuneful voices
rise to thy presence.

Thus in our solemn feast of dedication,
graced with returning rites of due devotion,
ever thy children, year by year rejoicing,
chant in thy temple.

Here in our sickness healing grace aboundeth,
light in our darkness, in our toil refreshment;
sin is forgiven, hope o'er fear prevaileth,
joy over sorrow.

Hallowed this dwelling where the Lord abideth,
this is none other than the gate of heaven;
strangers and pilgrims, seeking homes eternal,
pass through its portals.

Lord, we beseech thee, as we throng thy temple,
by thy past blessings, by thy present bounty,
smile on thy children, and with tender mercy
hear our petitions.

God in Three Persons, Father everlasting,
Son co-eternal, ever-blessèd Spirit,
thine be the glory, praise and adoration,
now and for ever.

Words: Latin, ninth century;
trans. Maxwell Julius Blacker, 1884

Music: Iste confessor, Rouen, Caelitum Joseph

Meter: 11 11 11 5

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