O Word immortal of eternal God

O Word immortal of eternal God,
only-begotten of the only Source,
for our salvation stooping to the course
of human life and born of Mary's blood;

Sprung from the ever-virgin womanhood
of her who bare thee, God immutable,
incarnate, made as man with man to dwell,
and condescending to the bitter rood;

Save us, O Christ our God, for thou hast died
to save thy people to the uttermost,
and dying tramplest death in victory;
one of the ever-blessèd Trinity,
in equal honor with the Holy Ghost,
and with the eternal Father glorified.

Words: Justinian (483-565);
trans. Thomas Alexander Lacey, 1906

Music: Song 24

Meter: 10 10 10 10 (10 10)

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