O Rock of ages, one Foundation

O Rock of ages, one Foundation,
on which the living Church doth rest,
the Church whose walls are strong salvation,
whose gates are praise: thy Name be blest.

Son of the living God, O call us
once and again to follow thee;
and give us strength, whate'er befall us,
thy true disciples still to be.

When fears appall and faith is failing,
make thy voice heard o'er wind and wave;
and in thy perfect love prevailing
put forth thy hand to help and save.

And if our coward hearts deny thee
in inmost thought, in deed or word,
let not our hardness still defy thee,
but with a look subdue us, Lord.

O strengthen thou our weak endeavor
thee in thy sheep to serve and tend,
to give ourselves to thee for ever,
and find thee with us to the end.

Words: Henry Arthur Martin, 1871

Music: Commandments

Meter: 98 98

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