O God, thy power is wonderful

O God, thy power is wonderful,
thy glory passing bright;
thy wisdom, with its deep on deep,
a rapture to the sight.

Thy justice is the gladdest thing
creation can behold;
thy tenderness so meek, it wins
the guilty to be bold.

Yet more than all and ever more
should we thy creatures bless,
most worshipful of attributes,
thine awe-full holiness.

There's not a craving in the mind
thou dost not meet and still;
there's not a wish the heart can have
which thou dost not fulfill.

O little heart of mine! shall pain
or sorrow make thee moan,
when all this God is all for thee,
a Father all thine own?

Words: Frederick William Faber (1814-1863)

Music: Melrose

Meter: CM

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