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O, David was a shepherd lad

O, David was a shepherd lad,
and guarded well the sheep;
by night and day, good times or bad,
his watch he used to keep.
But David's less than David's Son,
though a Shepherd too is he;
through all the world his pastures run,
and of his flock are we.

O, David was a shepherd lad,
and more he dared to do:
Goliath all in armor clad
with sling and stone he slew.
But David's Son, more daring yet,
put weapons all away;
all evil things with goodness met,
and stronger was than they.

O, David was a shepherd lad,
and a kingdom he attained;
and gold and glory great he had,
and forty years he reigned.
But David's Son is rich in love,
and reigns eternally;
for King he is in heaven above,
and on the earth shall be.

Words: Charles Erskine Clarke, 1925

Music: David

Meter: CMD

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