Now the laborer's task is o'er

Now the laborer's task is o'er;
now the battle day is past;
now upon the farther shore
lands the voyager at last.

Father, in thy gracious keeping
leave we now thy servant sleeping.

There the tears of earth are dried;
there its hidden things are clear;
there the work of life is tried
by a juster Judge than here. Refrain

There the sinful souls, that turn
to the cross their dying eyes,
all the love of Christ shall learn
at His feet in Paradise. Refrain

There no more the powers of hell
can prevail to mar their peace;
Christ the Lord shall guard them well,
he who died for their release. Refrain

"Earth to earth, and dust to dust,"
calmly now the words we say;
left behind, we wait in trust
till the resurrection day. Refrain

Words: John Ellerton, 1871

Music: Requiescat, Pax

Meter: 77 77 88

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