Name of all majesty

Name of our triumphant Savior

Narrow thy path, O pilgrim lone

Nations shall fear the name of the Lord

Nature with open volume stands

Near the cross was Mary weeping

Near the tomb where Christ hath been

Nearer, my God, to thee

Nearer, O God, to thee! Hear thou my prayer

Never further than thy cross

Never in all human story

Never let Jesus

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent

New every morning is the love

New light has dawned

New songs of celebration render

New wonders of thy mighty hand

Night has drawn its curtain

Night's shadows falling

No change of time shall ever shock

No change of time shall ever shock

No coward soul is mine

No crowded eastern street

No disappointment yonder

No Gospel like this feast

No more of strife, no more of pain

No more weeping

No, not despairingly

No one but you, Lord

No other name

No other prophet

No room within the dwelling

No scenes of stately majesty

No sign we ask from heaven above

No sorrow and no sighing

No use knocking on the window

No want of thine, O God

No weapon formed

No weight of gold or silver

No wind at the window

Nobody's a nobody

Non nobis, Domine

None other Lamb, none other Name

North and south and east and west

Not a thought of earthly things

Not all the blood of beasts

Not alone for mighty empire

Not always on the mount may we

Not by far-famed deeds alone

Not by the martyr's death alone

Not by thy mighty hand

Not far beyond the sea, nor high

Not far from Jordan's ford

Not for our sins alone

Not for the dead in Christ we weep

Not for three or four transgressions

Not for tongues of heaven's angels

Not here for high and holy things

Not now, my child

Not only as a sacrifice

Not ours to mourn and weep

Not the grandeur of the mountains

Not the powerful, not the privileged

Not to the terrors of the Lord

Not to us be glory given

Not unto us, almighty Lord

Not unto us, but thee, O Lord

Not what these hands have done

Not with a choir of angels without number

Not worthy, Lord, to gather

Nothing but the love of Jesus

Nothing can trouble

Nothing distress you

Nothing shall separate us

Nova, nova

Now a new year opens

Now all give thanks to God

Now all the woods are sleeping

Now alleluias sound ye

Now are the days of humblest prayer

Now at the night's return we raise

Now begin the heavenly theme

Now cheer our hearts this eventide

Now Christ above the starry floor

Now comes the awful morning

Now dawning glows the Day of days

Now dawns the Sun of righteousness

Now doth the sun ascend the sky

Now evening comes to close the day

Now, Father, we commend

Now from the altar of my heart

Now from the heavens descending

Now glad of heart be every one

Now God be with us

Now, gracious Lord, thine arm reveal

Now greet the swiftly changing year

Now heaven's growing light

Now Holy Spirit, ever One

Now I have found the ground wherein

Now I know what love is

Now in a song of grateful praise

Now in holy celebration

Now in life's breezy morning

Now in reverence and awe

Now in the name of him, who sent

Now is Christ risen from the dead

Now is Christ's work of mercy

Now is eternal life

Now is the healing time decreed

Now Israel may say, and that truly

Now is the time, the time of God's favor

Now it is evening: time to rest from labor

Now join we, to praise the Creator

Now join, ye comrades true

Now joining we to praise the Creator

Now let our cheerful eyes survey

Now let our mingling voices rise

Now let the Christian's hope abound

Now let us all right merry be

Now let us all with one accord

Now let us from this table rise

Now let us learn of Christ

Now let us see thy beauty, Lord

Now let us sing our praise to God

Now lives the Lamb of God

Now, Lord, to every heart make known

Now may he who from the dead

Now may the God of grace and power

Now morning lifts her dewy veil

Now my soul, thy voice upraising

Now, my tongue, the mystery telling

Now on land and sea

Now once again for help that never faileth

Now praise the protector of heaven

Now quit your care

Now shadows wane, now heavy night departeth

Now sinks in night the flaming sun

Now sinks in night the flaming sun

Now thank we all our God

Now thank we all our God

Now thank we God for bodies strong

Now that our holy day is done

Now that the daylight dies away

Now that the daylight fills the sky

Now that the sun is gleaming bright

Now the blessed Dayspring

Now the busy week is done

Now the daily toilsome walk

Now the day is over

Now the daylight goes away

Now the fruit of the Spirit

Now the green blade riseth

Now the laborer's task is o'er

Now the light has gone away

Now the morn new light is pouring

Now the night is falling

Now the shining day is past

Now the silence

Now the six days' work is done

Now the solemn shadows darken

Now the thirty years accomplished

Now there is no male or female

Now thou speakest, hear we trembling

Now through the grace of God

Now thy earthly work is done

Now to him who loved us, gave us

Now to the King of heaven

Now to the Lamb that once was slain

Now to the Lord a noble song

Now we come, our heavenly Father

Now we must leave our fatherland

Now we remain

Now when the dusky shades of night retreating

Now with the rising golden dawn

Now yield we thanks and praise

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