The links below take you to texts of hymns associated with the tune listed, but not necessarily directly to the tune. Not every tune has a MIDI available at this time. The first tune listed on each hymn page is the one you hear first; other available MIDIs with tunes are indicated with clickable links at the bottom of the hymn page. There are, at present, a few errors in the index below (particularly when more than one tune has the same name); I will be working on fixing them as I continue to update the site.

ZacchaeusZacchaeus was a very little man
ZacharyMake me a captive, Lord
ZambesiCome, ye thankful people, come
ZebulonOne sole baptismal sign
ZenanaA cry, as of pain
ZenasMy God, and is thy table spread
ZennorHe leads us on
ZephyrAlmighty Father, bless the word
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord
Lord Jesus, when we stand afar
Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high
Lord, speak to me, that I may speak
With broken heart and contrite sigh
ZerahWhile shepherds watched their flocks by night
Zeuch mich (All Saints)Lord of life, who once wast cradled
Who are these like stars appearing
ZionBrightly gleams our banner
Forward, be our watchword
Glorious things of thee are spoken
Jesus, King of glory
O thou who hast at thy command
On the mountain's top appearing
Zip bam booZip bam boo
Zither CarolGirls and boys, leave your toys
ZoanHail to the Lord's Anointed
Hosanna, loud hosanna
O Savior, precious Savior
O Word of God Incarnate
Rejoice, rejoice, believers
Today thy mercy calls us
ZoarBrightest and best of the sons of the morning
Thy bitter anguish o'er
ZohelethStand we prepared to see and hear
The Lord of might from Sinai's brow
Zörbig (O Ursprung des Lebens)O Fountain eternal of life and of light
Our Lord Christ hath risen
Zu Bethlehem geborenTo us in Bethlem city
Zu meinem HerrnAnd now, beloved Lord, thy soul resigning
Father of lights, in whom there is no shadow
O word of pity, for our pardon pleading
We turn to you, O God of every nation
Zum FriedenThere's a wideness in God's mercy
Thou true Vine, that heals the nations
ZundelFrom the eastern mountains
ZurichThere is a fold whence none can stray
What our Father does is well
When all thy mercies, O my God
Go to dark Gethsemane
Object of my first desire
Resting from his work today
ZuversichtHark, the loud celestial hymn
ZwingleAll hail the power of Jesus' name
O shining City of our God
This is the day the light was made

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