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Tá an fómharThe harvest is bright, all thanks be to Jesus
TaborInspirer and hearer of prayer
O Jesus, Lord most merciful
TadcasterHark, the voice eternal
Jesus, thou hast willed it
TaitAgain the Lord of life and light
How long shall earth's alluring toys
Take, eatTake, eat, this is my Body
Take me, LordTake me, Lord
Take my hands, LordTake my hands, Lord
Take off your shoesTake, take off your shoes
Take this breadTake this bread I give to you
Take this momentTake this moment, sign and space
Take time to be holyTake time to be holy
Take up your crossTake up your cross, he says
TallisI want to be like Jesus
The highest and the holiest place
There is a name I love to hear
Tallis' CanonAll praise to thee, my God, this night
All praise to thee, who safe hast kept
Awake, my heart, and render
Awake, my soul, and with the sun
Before the ending of the day
Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell
Come, Spirit blest, Creator, come
Glory be to thee, my God, this night
Tallis' Canon (Ravenscroft)Glory be to thee, my God, this night
Glory to thee, my God, this night
Tallis' Canon (Havergal)Glory to thee, my God, this night
Glory to thee, who safe hast kept
In Jesus' Name, we pause to pray
New every morning is the love
Now that the daylight fills the sky
O God, you give to all mankind
O gracious Light, Lord Jesus Christ
O Lord, the Holy Innocents
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow
Receive, O Father, God of might
Rejoice, O land, in God thy might
Tallis' LamentationLament, O man, thy pride of life
O Master, it is good to be
Tallis' OrdinalAccording to thy gracious word
Almighty God, thy word is cast
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come
Come, Holy Ghost, eternal God
Come, Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
Come now, and praise the humble saint
Dear Shepherd of thy people, hear
Fountain of good, to own thy love
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear
How are thy servants blest, O lord
In stature grows the heavenly Child
In token that thou shalt not fear
My soul with grateful thoughts of love
O God, enshrined in dazzling light
O God of Bethel, by whose hand
O God, unseen, yet ever near
O Holy Ghost, thy people bless
O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
O Savior, may we never rest
O Savior, whom this holy morn
O thou, from whom all goodness flows
O thou, who didst with love untold
O thou, who through this holy week
O where are kings and empires now
Tallis' Ordinal Once, only once, and once for all
Pour down thy Spirit, gracious Lord
Spirit divine, attend our prayers
The great Creator of the worlds
The heavenly Child in stature grows
The year is gone beyond recall
There is a book, who runs may read
Today, O Lord, before our eyes
We walk by faith, and not by sight
When all thy mercies, O my God
When to the sacred font we came
Tallis' Second TuneWhen Jesus to our rescue drew
Tallis' Sixth TuneAll-seeing Lord, whose power unknown
TalyllynWe hail thee now, O Jesus
TamworthSavior, like a shepherd lead us
Tantum ergo sacramentumChrist is made the sure foundation
Sing, my tongue, the Savior's glory
Therefore we, before him bending
To the Name of our salvation
Tantum ergo (French)Now, my tongue, the mystery telling
Tantum ergo (Webbe)Light's abode, celestial Salem
Tantum Ergo no. 2 (Palestrina)Of the glorious body telling
TaraI bind unto myself today
O God of Bethel, by whose hand
Taste and seeTaste and see the goodness of the Lord
TatanacaMen and women, let us walk
TauntonMy God, how wonderful thou art
Taylor HallPeace in our time, O Lord
Te decet hymnusHosanna to the living Lord
Te deum PatremO Savior of the world, we pray
Te DeumSing glory to God the father
Te Deum Patrem colimusFather of all, to thee we raise
Te laeta, mundi ConditorCreator of the world, to thee
Te laudant omniaAll things praise thee, Lord most high
All things praise thee, Lord most high
Te lucis ante terminumCome, Holy Ghost, who ever One
O God of all the strength and power
O God of truth, O Lord of might
Before the ending of the day
O God, creation's secret force
To thee before the close of day
Te lucis ante terminum (Andernach)Before the ending of the day
To thee before the close of day
Te lucis ante terminum (Sarum)Ere yet in darkness ends the day
To thee before the close of day
Teach me to danceTeach me to dance
Teach me to liveTeach me to live
Teann a nullWhoever lives besides the Lord
Tecum volo vulnerariCling to the Crucified
TeignmouthWe love the place, O God
Tell me the old, old storyTell me the old, old story
Tell me, why do you weepTell me, why do you weep?
Tell my peopleTell my people I love them
TellefsenWe give thee but thine own
TemiskamingO God, from whom mankind derives its name
TempestFierce was the wild billow
TempestasFierce was the wild billow
TemplarsThou art the Christ, O Lord
TempleGod, that madest earth and heaven
God who madest earth and heaven
O King enthroned on high
The star of morn has risen
Through the love of God our Savior
Temple ChurchAs pants the wearied hart for cooling springs
O Lord, the heaven thy power displays
TemplemoreEternal light, shine in my heart
O King of heaven, my pride forgive
TemptationForty days and forty nights
Tempus adest floridumBrothers, joining hand to hand
Come, ye faithful, raise the strain
Good King Wenceslas
Spring has now unwrapped the flowers
When the King shall come again
Let us now our voices raise
Ten CommandmentsWhy doth that impious Herod fear
TenburyBreast the wave, Christian
Let love arise and praise him
O God the Son eternal, thy dread might
The night is ended and the morning nears
Tender ShepherdJesus, tender Shepherd, hear me
Savior, who thy flock art feeding
Tender Shepherd, thou hast stilled
Tender ThoughtLord, thou hast searched me and dost know
TendernessShepherd, with thy tenderest love
Touch the earth lightly
TenheadLord, you need no house
Terra BeataThis is my Father's world
TersanctusO God of life, whose power benign
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
TetherdownThe kingdom of God is justice and joy
ThailandThe great love of God
ThainakyShe sits like a bird brooding on the waters
ThalbergO sacred head, surrounded
ThanetEre I sleep, for every favor
Thank youThank you for giving me the morning
Thank you for saving meThank you for saving me
Thank you for the summer morningThank you for the summer morning
Thank you, God, for sending JesusThank you, God, for sending Jesus
Thank you, JesusThank you, Jesus
Thank you, Jesus, for your loveThank you, Jesus, for your love
Thank you, Lord (Leavers/Burt)Thank you, Lord (Leavers/Burt)
Thank you, Lord, for your presenceThank you, Lord, for your presence
Thanks be to GodFather, never was love so near
O Jesus, Lord most merciful
Thanks be to God
Thanks for the fellowshipThanks for the fellowship
ThanksgivingAnd dost thou say, ask what thou wilt?
Can a little child like me
Come, see the place where Jesus lay
Come, ye thankful people, come
Great God, to thee my evening song
Hark, the song of jubilee
My Father, for another night
Thy temple is not made with hands
What are these in bright array?
That priceless giftThat priceless gift
That the world may believeHow do we start
ThatcherA charge to keep I have
Behold a humble train
Behold the morning sun
Come, ye that love the Lord
Cry "Freedom"
Fierce was the storm of wind
His mercy and his truth
My spirit on thy care
O bless the Lord, my soul
O what if we are Christ's
O where shall rest be found
Stand, soldier of the cross
We come, Lord, to thy feet
Welcome, sweet day of rest
ThaxtedI vow to thee, my country, all earthly things above
Let streams of living justice
O God, beyond all praising
Thaxted (Beethoven)How long shall earth's alluring toys
O let triumphant faith dispel
The Adelynrood GraceBrother and Lord, among thy people sitting
The Ash GroveLet all things now living
Sent forth by God's blessing
The Babe in Bethlem's mangerThe Babe in Bethlem's manger laid
The BeatitudesThe kingdom of heaven
The Bells of St. Mary'sWe'll sing in the morning
The BirdsFrom out of a wood did a cuckoo fly
The birds' songCheep, said the sparrow
The Blessed NameThere is no name so sweet on earth
The Blessed RestSleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy rest
The Blind ManThe blind man sat by the road and he cried
The BourneNow a new year opens
The Bright Wind of HeavenThe bright wind is blowing, the bright wind of heaven
The CallCome, my Way, my Truth, my Life
The Call of GodThe call of God resounding
The candle songLike a candle flame
The celebration songIn the presence of your people
The Child Jesus (O Jesulein sss)Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dear
The children's bandThere was one, there were two
The Children's KingWith gladsome hearts we come
The Children's SaviorI know someone who watches over me
The Children's SongLand of our birth, we pledge to thee
The Church's DesolationFrom thee all skill and science flow
The clock tells the story of timeThe clock tells the story of time
The crucible for silverThe crucible for silver
The day of his powerThe Lord is exalted
The Day of PraiseO Word of God above
The Day of PraiseThis is the day of light!
The Day of RestO day of rest and gladness
The earth is the Lord'sThe earth is the Lord's
The Eighth TuneO gracious Light, Lord Jesus Christ
The feast is readyThe trumpets sound, the angels sing
The First NowellThe first Nowell the angel did say
The Foe BehindThe foe behind, the deep before
The Foe Behind (Naylor)The foe behind, the deep before
The Foe Behind (Hullah)The foe behind, the deep before
The FollowersThe King of love my Shepherd is
The glory songSing we the King
The golden chainWe come unto our fathers' God
The Golden SequenceCome, thou holy Paraclete
Come, thou Holy Spirit, come
The good fightWe march, we march to victory
The Good ShepherdGo to dark Gethsemane
I met the Good Shepherd
Quiet, Lord, my froward heart
There were ninety and nine
The grace of the LordThe grace of the Lord
The Great Advent AntiphonsO Wisdom, which camest
The greatest thingThe greatest thing in all my life
The happy songI could sing unending songs
The HavenImmortal love for ever full
The heart of worshipWhen the music fades
The Heart's RefugeSafe in the arms of Jesus
The heavens declareThe heavens declare the glory of God
The heavens shall declareThe heavens shall declare the glory of his name
The holly and the ivyIt's rounded like an orange
The holly and the ivy
The Holy SonLord, speak to me, that I may speak
The Lord made man, the scriptures tell
The HomelandO Lord, who now art seated
O, that the Lord's salvation
The Infant KingSing lullaby!
The King has comeThe King of love is my delight
The King is among usThe King is among us
The King of GloryThe King of glory comes, the nation rejoices
The King's MajestyRide on, ride on in majesty
The light of ChristThe light of Christ
The little drummer boyCome, they told me
The Long HomeTender Shepherd, thou hast stilled
The Lord has givenThe Lord has given
The Lord has led forthThe Lord has led forth
The Lord is a great and mighty KingThe Lord is a great and mighty King
The Lord is a great and mighty KingThe Lord is a great and mighty King
The Lord is KingThe Lord is King, he is mighty in battle
The Lord is my strengthThe Lord is my strength
The Lord is my light (Taizé)The Lord is my light, my light and salvation (Taiz)
The Lord is my songThe Lord is my song
The Lord of AgesThe Lord of ages rends the tomb
The Lord of mightThe Lord of might from Sinai's brow
The Lord of MightGreat God, what do I see and hear
The Lord reigns (Browning)The Lord reigns (Browning)
The Lord reigns (Stradwick)The Lord reigns (Stradwick)
The Lord's DayThis is the day, this is the day
The Lord's GoodnessSing of the Lord's goodness, Father of all wisdom
The Lord's Prayer (Spiller)Our dear Father
The Lord's Prayer (Lees)Our Father, which art in heaven
The love of Christ who died for meThe love of Christ who died for me
The love of my LordO the love of my Lord is the essence
The Love of GodThe love of God is greater far
The Love of JesusThere is no love like the love of Jesus
The Manger ThroneLike silver lamps in a distant shrine
The new songWith harps and viols
The Ninety and NineThere were ninety and nine
The old rugged crossOn a hill far away
The Passion of Jesus (Hurst)Wrestling in agony, wrestling alone
The Passion of Jesus (Lewis)Wrestling in agony, wrestling alone
The Path DivineTeach me thy way, O Lord
The Peaceable KingdomIsaiah the prophet has written of old
The pearly gatesThe pearly gates aside are rolled
The People of GodMoses, I know you're the man
The pollen of peaceO let us spread the pollen of peace throughout our land
The power of your loveLord, I come to you
The precious blood of JesusThe precious blood of Jesus
The price is paidThe price is paid
The PromiseLord, we thank you for the promise
The radiant mornThe radiant morn hath passed away
The Radiant MornBy Christ redeemed
The righteous soulsThe righteous souls that take their flight
The river is hereDown the mountain
The roseate huesThe roseate hues of early dawn
The Rosy SequenceJesus, the very thought is sweet
The Sacred HeartDraw nigh and take the Body of the Lord
The Savior's NameThere is a name I love to hear
The SecretPull back the veil on the dawn of creation
The Secret of his PresenceIn the secret of his presence
The Seed SongOne must water, one must weed
The SilkieAs we walked home at close of day
The singer and the songWhen long before time
The Solid RockMy hope is built on nothing less
The Spirit of the sovereign LordThe Spirit of the sovereign Lord
The Spirit of the LordThe Spirit of the Lord, the sovereign Lord
The Star (An Réalt)For all your saints in glory
Thus spake the risen Master
We sing the glorious conquest
The steadfast love of the LordThe steadfast love of the Lord
The strife is o'erThe strife is o'er, the battle done
The supreme sacrificeGod, as with silent hearts we bring to mind
The table's setThe table's set, Lord
The Third TuneI heard the voice of Jesus say
Our cities cry to you, O God
To mock your reign, O dearest Lord
The treasure of peacePut peace into each other's hands
The trees of the fieldThe trees of the field
The trumpets soundThe trumpets sound, the angels sing
The truth from aboveThis is the truth sent from above
The great forerunner of the morn
The Vicar of BraySing praise to God on mountaintops
The victory songThrough our God
The VinesCreation sings
The Virgin MaryThe Virgin Mary had a baby boy
The Way of the CrossI must needs go home
The whole worldHe's got the whole world in his hands
The wiggly waggly songA wiggly, waggly worm
The wise manThe wise man
The Wise MenCall them in! the poor, the wretched
Hail, thou once- despised Jesus
Saw you never, in the twilight
The word of God is living and activeThe word of God is living and active
The world is full of smelly feetThe world is full of smelly feet
The World ItselfThe world itself keeps Easter Day
Then I saw a new heaven and earthThen I saw a new heaven and earth
TheodoraRest of the weary
Sing, my soul, his wondrous love
TheodoricDown to earth, as a dove
TheoktistusJesus, Name all names above
There is a fountainThere is a fountain filled with blood
There is a RedeemerThere is a Redeemer
There is no condemnationThere is no condemnation
There is none holyThere is none holy as the Lord
There is none like youThere is none like you
There is power in the Name of JesusThere is power in the Name of Jesus
There is so much to discoverThere is so much to discover
Therefore the redeemed of the LordTherefore the redeemed of the Lord
Therefore we lift our heartsTherefore we lift our hearts
There's a city to buildThere's a city to build, there are walls
There's a FriendThere's a Friend for little children
There's a great big world out thereThere's a great big world out there
There's a lightI am waiting for the dawning
There's a light upon the mountainsThere's a light upon the mountains
There's a quiet understandingThere's a quiet understanding
There's a rainbow in the skyThere's a rainbow in the sky
There's a seedThere's a seed
There's a way back to GodThere's a way back to God
These are the days of ElijahThese are the days of Elijah
ThessalonicaLord God the Holy Ghost
ThetfordCome, Holy Spirit, come; let thy bright beams arise
My times are in thy hand
Theurster ImmanuelAs with gladness men of old
They say he's wonderfulThey say he's wonderful
They shall come from the eastThey shall come from the east
They that wait upon the LordThey that wait upon the Lord
Thine own way, LordHave thine own way, Lord
Think bigThink big: an elephant
Third Mode MelodyHow shall I sing that majesty
Thou wast, O God, and thou wast blest
When, rising from the bed of death
ThirskJesus, thou joy of loving hearts
With tearful eyes I look around
Thirsting for GodJust as a lost and thirsty deer
This ChildThis Child secretly comes
This endris nyghtFor Mary, Mother of our Lord
I am not worthy, holy Lord
The Son of God his glory hides
The Spirit breathes upon the word
The year is gone beyond recall
To you, my Lord, will I sing praise
Behold, the great Creator makes
I come, the great Redeemer cries
This is my desireThis is my desire
This is my willThis is my will, my one command
This is the dayThis is the day that the Lord has made
This is the mysteryThis is the mystery
This is the yearThis is the year
This is what our Savior saidThis is what our Savior said
This kingdomJesus, God's righteousness revealed
This little light of mineThis little light of mine
This thankful heartI will offer up my life
ThomasTree of life and awesome mystery
Thomas MertonSurely it is God who saves me
ThornThou, Lord, by strictest search hast known
ThornburyBlessed be the God of Israel (Perry)
I love to hear the story
O Jesus, I have promised
Tell all the world of Jesus
Thy hand, O God, has guided
To Abraham and Sarah
Your hand, O God, has guided
Thornes HouseJesus himself drew near
ThorneyTo him who for our sins was slain
ThornfieldWith the sweet word of peace
ThorngroveFather, let me dedicate
Thorns in the strawSince the day the angel came
ThornthwaiteLord all-knowing, you have found me
ThorntonIt came upon the midnight clear
Thou art my GodThou art my God and I will praise thee
Thou art worthyThou art worthy
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceThou wilt keep him in perfect peace
ThraxtedCome, Christian children, come
O very God of very God
Three days onI found him cradled in a lamp-lit barn
Three Kings of OrientWe three kings of Orient are
ThuleBrief life is here our portion
Thuma minaThuma minaSomandla
Thunder in the skiesCalled to a battle
ThuringiaBlessed be thy Name
ThurleighWhen Jesus walked upon this earth
Thurnscoe-St. HelenWhen morning gilds the skies
Thy life was givenNot for our sins alone
Thy life was givenThy life was given for me
Thy loving-kindnessThy loving- kindness
Thy will be doneThy will be done
TibbertonAgain, as evening's shadow falls
Almighty Father, Lord most high
Be still, my soul, for God is near
Crown him with many crowns
Tibi, Christe splendor PatrisAlleluia, song of sweetness
If there be that skills to reckon
Thee, O Christ, the Father's splendor
To the Name of our salvation
TibraddenAlone with none but thee, my God
TichfieldChrist, by heavenly hosts adored
Savior, when in dust to thee
Till he come--O let the words
What our Father does is well
While, with ceaseless course, the sun
Who are these in bright array
Work is sweet, for God has blessed
Tick tockTick tock
TideswellO thou, the contrite sinners' Friend
TidingsTell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord
O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling
TilleardChrist is made the sure foundation
TilleardThrough the day thy love has spared us
TimeThe radiant morn hath passed away
Through good report and evil, Lord
Timeless loveTimeless love! We sing the story
TimsburyLet all on earth their voices raise
TinsleyFierce was the wild billow
TinternDeign this union to approve
TivertonAdored forever be the Lord
Behold the messengers of Christ
Blest be the day when moved I was
He's come, let every knee be bent
Lift up your heads, eternal gates (Psalm xxiv)
Lo, hills and mountains shall bring forth
Lord, lead the way the Savior went
Spirit divine, attend our prayers
The Spirit breathes upon the word
Thus God declares his sovereign will
To hail thy rising, Sun of life
Two brothers freely cast their lot
Wake, harp of Zion, wake again
To God be the gloryTo God be the glory, great things he has done
To God on highTo God on high be thanks and praise
We come unto our fathers' God
To him who is able to keep usTo him who is able to keep us
To the workTo the work, to the work!
To victoryWe march, we march to victory
To your majestyTo your majesty
Toc HGo forth with God! the day is now
Today the Savior callsToday the Savior calls
TokyoHere, O Lord, your servants gather
TollandI sing the almighty power of God
TollefsonA stable lamp is lighted
TolmanI love my God, but with no love of mine
TomterIn the Cross of Christ I glory
Ton-MânHoly Father, cheer our way
Jesus, in thy dying woes
When the day of toil is done
Ton-y-Botel (Ebenezer)Singing songs of expectation
Through the night of doubt and sorrow
Thy strong word did cleave the darkness
Who is this with garments gory
Who is this, so weak and helpless
TonbridgeLight of those whose dreary dwelling
Tone VILet us adore Christ our Lord (Psalm 117)
Tonga MelodyBlessed are the persecuted
Tonus PeregrinusThe Lord bless you and keep you
TopladyHoly Spirit, Lord of love
Rock of ages, cleft for me
ToppingO very God of very God
Tor HillLiving God, your word has called us
Torah Song (Yisrael V'oraita)God has spoken to his people
TorontoLord, I hear of showers of blessing
TorranceO Holy Savior, Friend unseen
TotlandJesus, and shall it ever be
TottenhamCome, let us join our friends above
Lift up your heads, eternal gates (Psalm xxiv)
Rich are the joys which cannot die
TotteridgeRise in the strength of God
Touch my lifeTouch my life
ToulonDraw nigh and take the Body of the Lord
God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sons
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face
Weary of earth, and laden with my sin
ToursFor thee, O dear, dear country
From glory unto glory! Be this our joyous song
O brothers, lift your voices
Redeemed, restored, forgiven
The day of Resurrection
The saints of God went forward
When, his salvation bringing
TozerPraise we now the Father
TraditionThank you, O Lord, for the time that is now
TrafalgarGod of our fathers, unto thee
TranbySavior, who thy flock art feeding
Souls of men! why will ye scatter
TranmereArm of the Lord, awake, awake
There is a book, who runs may read
TranquilityJesus, I am resting, resting
TranslationLord, when thou didst thyself undress
TraqnbyEver would I fain be reading
TravalliBy your priestly power, O risen Lord
TravelerIn all my ways, in every task
TravelersTraveling, traveling
TredegarGod of freedom, God of justice
Risen Lord, whose name we cherish
Tree of PeaceO brother man, fold to thy heart
Trees of the FieldYou shall go out with joy
TrefaenanCan you count the stars that brightly
Life is good, for God contrives it
TregaronAnd have the bright immensities
TregunterNow the laborer's task is o'er
TrenfieldA charge to keep I have
TrenthamBreathe on me, Breath of God
There is no night in heaven
Well worth the long ascent
TrentonWelcome, sweet day of rest
Tres Magi de gentibusLittle things that run and quail
TresleighLight's abode, celestial Salem
TrevensonGod of the farmlands, hear our prayer
TrevesBegin, my soul, the exalted lay
When, Lord, to this our western land
TrewenA debtor to mercy alone
TributeHark, the loud celestial hymn
TrichinopolyFrom Greenland's icy mountains
The wise may bring their learning
TrierJesus Christ is risen
TrinityAll hail, adored Trinity
Come, Holy Ghost, who ever One
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
My God, and is thy table spread
O God of all the strength and power
O God of life, whose power benign
O God of truth, O Lord of might
O holy, holy, holy Lord
Sweet is the work, my God, my King
Three in One, and One in Three
Trinity (Coates)O Trinity, O Trinity
Trinity (Luther)Our Lord is risen from the dead
Trinity ChapelLord God the Holy Ghost
Thou art gone up on high
Trinity CollegeA little while, our Lord shall come
From east to west, from shore to shore
The Father's sole- begotten Son
Trinity SongGlory to the Father give
TrisagionStars of the morning, so gloriously bright
Tristes erantLight's glittering morn bedecks the sky
That Eastertide with joy was bright
The apostles' hearts were full
TriumphGuide me, O thou great Jehovah
Know ye the Lord hath borne away
Lift your glad voices in triumph on high
Light's abode, celestial Salem
Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious
Now to him who loved us, gave us
Roar the waves
Safely, safely gathered in
Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing
Stars and planets flung in orbit
To the Name of our salvation
Who are these in bright array
Triumph (Civitas Regis)Praise, my soul, the King of heaven
Triumph of your graceYou are the rock
TriumphantAll praise to him who built the hills
O come, loud anthems let us sing
Soon may the last glad song arise
TriuneLord of mercy and of might
Three in One, and One in Three
TroasJesus, thy boundless love to me
O thou, before the world began
TroenGracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
TrottingTrotting, trotting through Jerusalem
TroyIn the Cross of Christ I glory
May the grace of Christ our Savior
Troyte no. 1My God and Father, while I stray
The foe behind, the deep before
Troyte no. 2For the apostles' glorious company
The strain upraise of joy and praise
O Holy Savior, Friend unseen
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide
For all the saints who from their labors rest
My God, is any hour so sweet
My God, my Father, while I stray
True-heartedTrue-hearted, whole- hearted, faithful and loyal
Trumpet CallStand up, stand up for Jesus
Trumpet VoluntaryThis earth belongs to God
TruroAll praise to him who built the hills
Almighty God, whose only Son
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake
Christ is alive! Let Christians sing
Fling out the banner! let it float
Give to our God immortal praise
God of the morning, at whose voice
Great is the Lord; his praise is great
Happy, thrice happy they, who hear
Jehovah reigns, let all the earth
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates
Lord, in the hollow of thy hand
Now to the Lord a noble song
O all ye people, clap your hands
O come, loud anthems let us sing
O let the heart beat high with bliss
O Lord, thou art my God and King
O Lord, you are my God and King
O Savior, who for man hast trod
O Spirit of the living God
Our Lord is risen from the dead
Redeemer, now thy work is done
Soon may the last glad song arise
Spirit of mercy, truth and love
Sweet is the work, my God, my King
Thou shalt arise and mercy yet
Triumphant Zion, lift thy head
TrustCall Jehovah thy salvation
God, my King, thy might confessing
God shall charge his angel legions
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
Hail, thou long-expected Jesus
His are the thousand sparkling rills
Just as I am, thine own to be
Just as I am, without one plea
O God of mercy, God of might
O Holy Savior, Friend unseen
Rock of ages, cleft for me
Savior, source of every blessing
Savior, who thy flock art feeding
Send thou, O Lord, to every place
Trust and obeyWhen we walk with the Lord
TryphenaWhy should I fear the darkest hour
TrystHere from the world we turn
TuckerWhen Jesus died to save us
TugwoodCome, ever blessed Spirit, come
Sing we triumphant hymns of praise
TunbridgeCome, my Way, my Truth, my Life
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
Rise in the strength of God
Sinful, sighing to be blest
Softly now the light of day
Turn the heartsTurn the hearts of the children
Turn to us, almighty GodTurn to us, almighty God
Turn your eyes upon JesusTurn your eyes upon Jesus
TurnauSweet the moments, rich in blessing
TusserAgain the morn of gladness
Twenty-fourth (Primrose)Where charity and love prevail
TwilightThe sun is sinking fast
Twinkling StarsCan you count the stars that brightly
TwyfordAnd now another day is gone
Come, Holy Ghost, thine influence shed
Come, O thou all-victorious Lord
I come with joy to meet my Lord
TyeHail, Father, whose creating call
To God, with heart and cheerful voice
TyhollandBlessed night, when first that plain
Jesus, to thy table led
Present with the two or three
TynemouthA workman in a village home
The shepherds had an angel
TyreJesus, Lord of life and glory
TyrolA man there lived in Galilee
Affirm anew the threefold name
As saints of old
The wise may bring their learning
We thank thee, O our Father
Tyrolean Cradle SongAway in a manger, no crib for a bed
Tyrolese AirHeavenly Father, send thy blessing
TyskGod himself is with us
TytheringtonLamb of God, my Savior

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