The links below take you to texts of hymns associated with the tune listed, but not necessarily directly to the tune. Not every tune has a MIDI available at this time. The first tune listed on each hymn page is the one you hear first; other available MIDIs with tunes are indicated with clickable links at the bottom of the hymn page. There are, at present, a few errors in the index below (particularly when more than one tune has the same name); I will be working on fixing them as I continue to update the site.

QuadragesimaBow down thine ear, almighty Lord
Quae stella sole pulchrior (Mechlin)What star is this, with beams so bright
Quam dilectaAnd now this holy day
I hunger and I thirst
Lord, be thy word my rule
Lord of the worlds above
My spirit longs for thee
Now let us learn of Christ
One sweetly solemn thought
Thy Kingdom come, O God
We love the place, O God
QuatfordAround the throne of God a band
QuebecO God of love, O King of peace
O render thanks to God above
Savior, when night involves the skies
Sweet is the work, my God, my King
QuedgeleyCome, Lord, to our souls come down
QuedlinburgAngels and ministers, spirits of grace
God who created this Eden of earth
Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright
QueenstownThere is no sorrow, Lord, too light
QuegsNow let us all with one accord
Quelle est cette odeurWho is there on this Easter morning
Quem pastoresChrist, above all glory seated
Come, your hearts and voices raising
Quem pastores laudavereFather, in your presence kneeling
Father, who in Jesus found us
Father, who on man dost shower
Jesus, kind above all other
Light of gladness, Lord of glory
Like a mighty river flowing
Lord, the wind and sea obey thee
Shepherds came, their praises bringing
Thou whom shepherds worshiped, hearing
Virgin-born, we bow before thee
Yours the hand that made creation
He whom joyous shepherds praised
Jesus, good above all other
Quem terra, pontus, aetheraThe God whom earth and sea and sky
The Word whom earth and sea and sky
QuestSeek ye first not earthly pleasure
Qui dedit nobis victoriamChrist the Lord is risen today (Wesley)
Sons of men, behold from afar
Qui orat laboratCome, labor on
Qui tenetO Christ, who holds the open gate
Quid retribuamThy life was given for me
QuietudeAsleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep
Speak, Lord, in the stillness
QuinquagesimaThou who on that wondrous journey
QuintaO Lord our God, arise
Quis tibi, Jesu, similis?Who is there like thee
Quisquis valet numerareIf there be that skills to reckon
Quittez, pasteursO leave your sheep, your lambs that follow after
Ye shepherds, leave your flocks upon the mountains
Now quit your care
Quod chorus vatumAll prophets hail thee, from of old announcing

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