The links below take you to texts of hymns associated with the tune listed, but not necessarily directly to the tune. Not every tune has a MIDI available at this time. The first tune listed on each hymn page is the one you hear first; other available MIDIs with tunes are indicated with clickable links at the bottom of the hymn page. There are, at present, a few errors in the index below (particularly when more than one tune has the same name); I will be working on fixing them as I continue to update the site.

I am a new creationI am a new creation
I am a wounded soldierI am a wounded soldier
I am he that livethAt your feet we fall
I am his and he is mineLoved with everlasting love
I am not mine ownI am not mine own
I am persuadedI am persuaded
I am the bread of lifeCome, let us worship Christ
I am the ChurchI am the church, you are the church
I am thineI am thine, O Lord, I have heard thy voice
I am trusting in youI am trusting in you
I am weakI am weak but thou art strong
I Am the Bread of LifeI am the bread of life
I believe in JesusI believe in Jesus
I cannot count your blessings, LordI cannot count your blessings, Lord
I confessI confess
I could sing of your love for everOver the mountains and the sea
I delight greatly in the LordI delight greatly in the Lord
I do not know what lies aheadI do not know what lies ahead
I give my handsI give my hands
I gotta homeI gotta home in gloryland
I have a friendI have a friend
I have decidedI have decided to follow Jesus
I hear the sound of rustlingI hear the sound of rustling
I hear the sound of the army of the LordI hear the sound of the army of the Lord
I hear thy welcomeI hear thy welcome voice
I just want to praise youI just want to praise you
I know it was your love for meI know it was your love for me
I known whom I have believedI know not why God's wondrous grace
I lift my handsI lift my hands
I live, I liveI live, I live
I look to the hillsI look to the hills
I love my LordI love my Lord
I love the Lord (Warren)I love the Lord
I love the Lord (Strove)I love the Lord
I love the Name of JesusI love the Name of Jesus
I love to hear the storyI love to hear the story
I love you, LordI love you, Lord, and I lift my voice
I may live in a great big cityI may live in a great big city
I need theeI need thee every hour
I need you, LordLord, when I turn my back on you
I need you moreI need you more
I reach up highI reach up high
I really want to worship youYou laid aside your majesty
I receive youI receive you
I receive your loveI receive your love
I rest in God aloneI rest in God alone
I saw a maidenI saw a maiden sitting and sing
I saw three shipsWhen God from heaven to earth came down
I serve a risen SaviorI serve a risen Savior
I should be getting to know youI should be getting to know you
I sing a new songI sing a new song
I sing this songI sing this song
I stand amazedI stand amazed in the presence
I stand before the presenceI stand before the presence
I stand in aweYou are beautiful
I trust in thee, O LordI trust in thee, O Lord
I waited patiently (Warren)I waited patiently for the Lord
I waited patiently (Bailey)I waited patiently for the Lord
I want Jesus to walk with me (Sojourner)I want Jesus to walk with me
I want to be a blooming treeI want to be a tree that's bearing fruit
I want to click my fingersI want to click my fingers
I want to know youI want to know you
I want to learn to appreciate youI want to learn to appreciate you
I want to see your faceI want to see your face
I want to serve you, O LordI want to serve you, O Lord
I want to thank youI want to thank you
I want to walkI want to walk with Jesus Christ
I want to worship the LordI want to worship the Lord
I was glad (Warren)I was glad when they said to me
I was made for thisO, I was made for this
I will bless the LordI will bless the Lord
I will build my ChurchI will build my Church
I will call upon the LordI will call upon the Lord
I will enterI will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart
I will extolCreator of the world, to thee
I will give thanksI will give thanks to you, O Lord
I will give you praiseI will give you praise
I will magnify thy NameI will magnify thy Name
I will rejoiceI will rejoice, I will rejoice
I will rejoice in youI will rejoice in you
I will sing about your loveI will sing about your love
I will sing, I will singI will sing, I will sing a song unto the Lord
I will sing unto the Lord as long as I liveI will sing unto the Lord as long as I live
I will wait upon the LordI will wait upon the Lord
I will wave my handsI will wave my hands
I will worshipI will worship with all of my heart
I wonder as I wanderI wonder as I wander
I worship youI give you all the honor
I worship you, almighty GodI worship you, almighty God
IbstoneI hunger and I thirst
Lord, be thy word my rule
Lord, we have come to thee
My Lord, you called my name
Now let us learn of Christ
Thy way, not mine, O Lord
Ich dank dirTen thousand times ten thousand
Ich fahr dahinThere's heaven above, and night by night
Ich halte treulich stillCommit thou all thy ways
Crown him upon the throne
For ever with the Lord
I give my heart to thee
Lord God the Holy Ghost
Make me a captive, Lord
Put thou thy trust in God
Rejoice, ye pure in heart
Thou art gone up on high
Ich kam aus meiner Mutter SchossO food that weary pilgrims love
Ich redeWhen things began to happen
Ich ruf zu dirI call on thee, Lord Jesus Christ
IerneFar from these narrow scenes of night
If angels singThe Church of God a kingdom is
If I were an astronautIf I were an astronaut
If my people who bear my NameIf my people who bear my Name
If you are encouragedIf you are encouraged
If you want to be greatIf you want to be great in God's kingdom
IgnatiusLet me come closer to thee, Lord Jesus
Ihr Gestirn, ihr hohlen LüsteHoly, Holy, Holy, Lord God of hosts
Ihr Kindelein, kommetO come, little children
Il buon PastorLord of health, thou life within us
IlfracombeJesus, the very thought of thee
Lord, who throughout these forty days
Since I've known a Savior's Name
Spirit divine, attend our prayers
IliffeO, that the Lord's salvation
IliumLord of our life, and God of our salvation
IlkleyBe still, my soul, for God is near
Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts
My God, my Father, dost thou call
O Body bruised for my sake
IllaO that my load of sin were gone
IllsleyAll hail, adored Trinity
Almighty God, who from the flood
Behold, a stranger at the door
Earth's mighty Maker, whose command
Maker of man, who from thy throne
Most holy Lord and God of heaven
Now that the daylight fills the sky
O boundless Wisdom, God most high
O sometimes gleams upon our sight
O Trinity of blessed Light
Thou, great Creator, art possessed
While o'er the deep thy servants sail
From all that dwell below the skies
Now at the night's return we raise
O Savior, who for man hast trod
O Spirit of the living God
The eternal gifts of Christ the King
IlluminatorHoly Ghost, Illuminator
Lift the strain of high thanksgiving
IlminsterOnce more, O Lord, thy sign shall be
ImmanuelCome, O Emmanuel, come
Immanuel, O ImmanuelImmanuel, O Immanuel
Immense caeli ConditorMost Holy God, the Lord of heaven
Immortal PraiseWe give immortal praise
Imploro teO Lamb of God, still keep me
In allen meinen ThatenO love divine, how sweet thou art
O food of men wayfaring
In babiloneHoly Spirit, ever dwelling
Hail, thou once-despised Jesus
Hark, the sound of holy voices
Lord, who in thy perfect wisdom
Praise to God for saints and martyrs
See the Conqueror mounts in triumph
Sing of Mary, pure and lowly
In BethlehemIn Bethlehem a newborn boy
In bread we bring you, LordIn bread we bring you, Lord
In der WiegenO Jesus, thou art standing
Remember all the people
The Maker of the sun and moon
In dir ist FreudeIn you is gladness
Nations shall fear the name of the Lord
In dulci jubiloGood Christian men, rejoice
In dulci jubilo
In einem Kripplein lag ein KindLord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dear
In excelsis gloriaEaster flowers are blooming bright
When Christ was born of Mary free
In God alone (Taizé)Mon Éme se repose en paix
In heavenly armorThe battle belongs to the Lord
In him we live and moveIn him we live and move
In love for meThis is my body
In memoriamBy Christ redeemed
In memoriamLord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dear
Lord, keep us safe this night
My God, my Father, while I stray
O Lord my God, I cry to thee
Remember me: show forth my death
The day is past and gone
The saints of God! their conflict past
The wise may bring their learning
There's a Friend for little children
There's a song for all the children
In moments like theseIn moments like these
In my generationI want to serve the purpose of God
In my lifeIn my life, Lord, be glorified
In my needIn my need Jesus found me
In natali DominiCometh sunshine after rain
In paradisumInto paradise may the angels lead you
May the angels lead you into paradise
In sinu JesuSafe in the arms of Jesus
In sorrow and in wantIn sorrow and in want
In stormWhen through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming
In te, Domine, speraviNone other Lamb, none other Name
In tenebrisO Love, who formedst me to wear
In tenebris lumenSweet Savior, bless us ere we go
In the Lord is my joyIn the Lord is my joy
In the Lord I'll be ever thankfulIn the Lord I'll be ever thankful
In the Name of Jesus (Fudge)In the name of Jesus (Fudge)
In the shadow of your wingsO God, please listen
In the streets of every cityIn the streets of every city
In viam rectamI was a wandering sheep
In you, my GodIn you, my God
In your arms of loveIn your arms of love
IncarnationAll praise to thee, eternal Lord
At the Lamb's high feast we sing
Before the world begun
Hark, the loud celestial hymn
InchigeelaGod of our fathers, whose almighty hand
IndiaHasten the time appointed
IndonesiaOur God put off his glory
Infant praisesI'm a little pilgrim
Infantium laudesWhen, his salvation bringing
IngatestoneGod of love, our Father, Savior
Holy Spirit, Lord of glory
InglesideGreat Shepherd of the sheep
IngraveThere's a Friend for little children
Innisfree FarmChrist, mighty Savior
InnocenceAround the throne of God a band
The God whom earth and sea and sky
InnocentsAdvent tells us Christ is near
At thy birth, Incarnate Lord
Children of the heavenly King
Conquering kings their titles take
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild
God eternal, mighty King
Hail the day that sees him rise
Jesus, Name of wondrous love
Lamb of God, I look to thee
Loving Shepherd of thy sheep
Morn of morns and day of days
Much in sorrow, oft in woe
Now begin the heavenly theme
Savior, teach me day by day
Soldiers of the Cross, arise
Son of God, eternal Word
Songs of praise the angels sang
Take my life, and let it be
Innocents (Durham)Oft in danger, oft in woe
Sons of men, behold from afar
InnsbruckCome, see the place where Jesus lay
Great Mover of all hearts
Lord of the Church, we humbly pray
Now all the woods are sleeping
O food to pilgims given
O God, my gracious God, to thee
O Lord of our salvation
O Lord our banner, God of might
O thou who dost to man accord
The day hath now an ending
The Lord be with me everywhere
To him who for our sins was slain
To thee, O Comforter divine
Innsbruck NewO Lord, how happy should we be
Ins Feld gehIn the hour of my distress
My God, my Father, while I stray
My God and Father, while I stray
InspirationLift your glad voices in triumph on high
Integer vitaeGod the all- merciful!
Night's shadows falling
IntercessionA broken heart, my God, my King
Almighty God, whose only Son
Another six days' work is done
As the sweet flower that scents the morn
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest
God of my life, to thee I call
Lord Jesus, when we stand afar
No change of time shall ever shock
Now, Lord, to every heart make known
O Jesus, crucified for man
O Lamb of God, whose love divine
O Love divine, that stooped to share
O thou through suffering perfect made
The royal banners forward go
We sing the praise of him who died
What thanks and praise to thee we owe
When the weary, seeking rest
IntercessorBy gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered
Father, to thee we look in all our sorrow
Fold to your heart your sister and your brother
O brother man, fold to thy heart
O Jesus, crucified for man
O Jesus, Lord most merciful
O Lord, our strength in weakness
O word of pity, for our pardon pleading
This is the night, dear friends
Today thy mercy calls us
We turn to you, O God of every nation
InvercarryO Christ, the healer, we have come
InvernessStand up, stand up for Jesus
InvitationCome to the Savior, make no delay
Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem
Fountain of good, to own thy love
Invitation (Devonshire)He wants not friends that hath thy love
Our day of praise is done
Rich are the joys which cannot die
The gentle Savior calls
InvocationSpirit of the living God
InvocationsCome, light of the world
Inward LightAs a chalice cast of gold
IonaHeavenly Father, send thy blessing
In the name which earth and heaven
Jesus, I my cross have taken
King of saints, to whom the number
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise thee
Savior, sprinkle many nations
Iona Boat SongFrom the falter of breath
Ira justaHe, who once in righteous vengeance
IrbyOnce in royal David's city
IrchesterMore holiness give me
IrelandCome, let us to the Lord our God
IreneCome to our poor nature's night
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
IrenāHoly Father, cheer our way
Lord of mercy and of might
Rest in the Lord, from harps above
Savior, again to thy dear name we raise
When the day of toil is done
Iris (Les anges dans nos campagnes)Angels, from the realms of glory
IrishFor mercies, countless as the sands
God moves in a mysterious way
Great God of hosts, our ears have heard
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear
How glorious Zion's courts appear
My God, thy covenant of love
O all ye works of God, now come
O come, let us sing to the Lord
O God, our help in ages past
O God, unseen, yet ever near
O Holy Ghost, thy people bless
O thou in all thy might so far
The Lord our God is clothed with might
The Son of Man from Jordan rose
The year is gone beyond recall
This is the day the Lord hath made
Thy Kingdom come! on bended knee
When all thy mercies, O my God
IrrA little child on the earth has been born
Is this the Church of our God?Is this the Church of our God?
IsaiahNow are the days of humblest prayer
O Holy Savior, Friend unseen
IscaAlleluia, fairest morning
The spacious firmament on high
To thee, O Father, throned on high
IshworoFather in heaven, have mercy on us
IsleworthForsaken once, and thrice denied
From foes that would the land devour
His are the thousand sparkling rills
Just as I am, without one plea
O thou, the contrite sinners' Friend
IslingtonFor all your blessings
Isn't he beautifulIsn't he beautiful
Isn't it goodIsn't it good
Israel went out from EgyptIsrael went out from Egypt
Iste confessorChrist, mighty Savior
Splendor and honor, majesty and power
All holy Father, king of endless glory
Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels
Ere in thy childhood, mid the desert places
Iste Confessor (Chartres)Father all- seeing, friend of all creation
Father most holy, merciful and tender
He who bore witness by a good confession
He, whose confession God
Iste Confessor (Angers)Let thine example, holy John
Lord of the living
Only-begotten, Word of God eternal
Sing, all creation, sing to God in gladness
Sing how the age-long promise of a Savior
Iste Confessor (II) (Poitiers)Lord of our life, and God of our salvation
Iste Confessor (Rouen)Lord of our life, and God of our salvation
It is good to praise you, LordIt is good to praise you, Lord
It is no longer I that livethIt is no longer I that liveth
It is to youIt is to you
It passeth knowledgeIt passeth knowledge, that dear love of thine
It takes an almighty handIt takes an almighty hand
It was a manIt was a man who was born
Italian ChoralFather, breathe an evening blessing
Italian HymnJesus, our risen King
Lord of all power and might
Italian MelodyLet all mortal flesh keep silence
ItalyBread of heaven, on thee we feed
Quiet, Lord, my froward heart
It's me, O LordIt's me, O Lord
It's rising upIt's rising up
It's your bloodIt's your blood
IverTossed with rough winds, and faint with fear
IvesMen, whose boast it is that ye
Sinners, turn: why will ye die?
Take my life, and let it be
IvinghoeFather, Lord of all creation
God is here; as we his people
IvybridgeLord of the worlds above
IvyhatchAlmighty Father, who dost give
Author of faith, eternal word
Creator of the earth and skies
Eternal Power, whose high abode
He wants not friends that hath thy love
Lord of the home, our only Son
O glorious Maid, exalted far
The Lamb's high banquet called to share
The Lord is King! lift up thy voice
I'd rather have JesusI'd rather have Jesus
I'll go in the strength of the LordI'll go in the strength of the Lord
I'll see JesusI know I'll see Jesus some day
I'm acceptedI'm accepted, I'm forgiven
I'm black, I'm whiteI'm black, I'm white, I'm short, I'm tall
I'm confidentI'm confident of this very thing
I'm for ever gratefulYou did not wait for me
I'm forgivenI get so excited, Lord
I'm going to say my prayersI'm going to say my prayers
I'm gonna clickI'm gonna click
I'm living my life for JesusI'm living my life for Jesus
I'm not ashamed to own my LordI'm not ashamed to own my Lord
I'm redeemed, yes I amI'm redeemed, yes I am
I'm singing your praise, LordI'm singing your praise, Lord
I'm specialI'm special
I've found a friendI've found a Friend; O such a Friend
I've found a Friend; a heavenly Friend!
I've got peace like a riverI've got peace like a river

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