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GabrielOur Father, thy dear Name doth show
While shepherds watched their flocks by night
Gabriel's MessageThe angel Gabriel from heaven came
Gaelic AirJesus calls us here to meet him
GaisbergBrightly gleams our banner
GalileeCome, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
First of the week and finest day
Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
Jesus, where'er thy people meet
Lord of all being, throned afar
Lord, speak to me, that I may speak
Nature with open volume stands
O breath of God, breathe on us now
Gallery CarolCome all you good people
GalliardCan I see another's woe
God the Father, God the Son
God the Father, seen of none
Gallican ChantHosanna in the highest
GalteesApproach, my soul, the mercy- seat
GalwayA charge to keep I have
Awake and sing the song
Jesus, we look to thee
This is the day of light!
Within the Father's house
GambleWhen the herds were watching
GardenDraw nigh and take the Body of the Lord
When virgin morn doth call thee to arise
Garden CityFor ever with the Lord
O the bitter shame and sorrow
Our day of praise is done
The day is past and gone
This is the day of light
Garden of EdenLord, your voice in Eden's garden
GardinerAll things are thine; no gift have we
O thou, who gav'st thy servant grace
Where cross the crowded ways of life
GarelochsideAwake and sing the song
There is no night in heaven
Tis good, Lord, to be here
We lay our broken world
GariochCourage, brother! do not stumble
GarrettHow shall I follow him I serve?
Souls in heathen darkness lying
Garrett'sSovereign Ruler of the skies
GartanChrist be with me
In the roll-call of God's sons
Love came down at Christmas
GarvanzaLight's abode, celestial Salem
GastoriusWhate'er my God ordains is right
GatehouseAmong us and before us, Lord, you stand
GatescarthChrist be the Lord of all our days
Give to me, Lord, a thankful heart
Gather aroundGather around, for the table is spread
Gather us inHere in this place new light is streaming
Gathering cloudsO Lord, the clouds are gathering
Gaude, Regina gloriaeLo, golden light rekindles day
Ye clouds and darkness, hosts of night
Gaudeamus pariterCome, ye faithful, raise the strain
Let us now our voices raise
GaudeteJoy fills our inmost heart today
Gaudia MatrisThe angel sped on wings of light
Gaudium caelesteThere was joy in heaven
GazaFor those we love within the veil
Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright
The radiant morn hath passed away
Geborn ist uns ein KindeleinTo us is born a little Child
Geduld hilft in der Trübsal aufA widow's hand in days of old
GeerIn token that thou shalt not fear
Just as I am, without one plea
When I can read my title clear
Gelineau Psalm 2Why this tumult among nations?
Gelineau Psalm 4When I call, answer me, O God of justice
Gelineau Psalm 23 (22)The Lord is my shepherd (Grail)
Gelineau Psalm 24 (23)The Lord's is the earth and its fullness
Gelineau Psalm 42 (41)Like the deer that yearns
Gelineau Psalm 43 (42)Defend me, O God
Gelineau Psalm 91 (90)He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Gelineau Psalm 93 (92)The Lord is King, with majesty enrobed
Gelineau Psalm 100 (99)Cry out with joy to the Lord
Gelineau Psalm 130Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord
Gelobt sei GottChrist is the King, O friends rejoice
The strife is o'er, the battle done
Good Christian men, rejoice and sing
GemIn his own raiment clad
General SeminaryKing of glory, King of peace
GenesisFor thee, O dear, dear country
I need thee, precious Jesus
O Father, all creating
Think of a world without any flowers
GenevaArt thou weary, art thou languid
God, you touch the earth with beauty
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness
Not alone for mighty empire
Sing we of the modern city
The eternal gates lift up their heads
Genevan Psalm 3When morning gilds the skies
Genevan Psalm 12O strength and stay upholding all creation
Genevan Psalm 22My God, my God, why dost thou me forsake
My God, my God, why dost thou me forsake
Genevan Psalm 36Fear not, thou faithful Christian flock
Genevan Psalm 38Darkening night the land doth cover
Genevan Psalm 42Joy and triumph everlasting
Genevan Psalm 61Love, unto thine own who camest
Genevan Psalm 86Unto thee my heart is sighing
Genevan Psalm 110 (L'Omnipotent)Lord, through this Holy Week of our salvation
Genevan Psalm 118Bread of the world in mercy broken
Genevan Psalm 118Christians, sing out with exultation
Genevan Psalm 124Abide with me; fast falls the eventide
Genevan Psalm 127We saw thee not when thou didst come
Genevan Psalm 131Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest
When I survey the wondrous Cross
Genevan Psalm 136Ruler of the hosts of light
Genevan Psalm 137When low in heaven the sun was now descended
Genevan Psalm 138Thee will I love, my God and King
GennesaretJesus, gentlest Savior
Jesus, the very thought is sweet
O thou to whose all- searching sight
GenoaOne Christ we feed upon, one living Christ
Gentle JesusGentle Jesus, meek and mild
God my Father, loving me
Jesus, meek and gentle
Lamb of God, I look to thee
Loving Shepherd of thy sheep
Gentle SaviorJesus, meek and gentle
GeorgeFather eternal, Lord of the ages
GeorgetownThey cast their nets in Galilee
GerardFather of mercy, God of consolation
Today thy mercy calls us
GerhardtChrist, the Life of all the living
GermanDo no sinful action
German AirStay, thou long-suffering Spirit, stay
German Evening HymnNow the light has gone away
German HymnCaptains of the saintly band
Lord, this day thy children meet
Songs of praise the angels sang
Thine for ever! God of love
GermaniaJesus, my strength, my hope
GermanyHigh on the bending willows hung
My God, permit me not to be
My opening eyes with rapture see
O thou through suffering perfect made
O thou, who gav'st thy servant grace
Our Lord is risen from the dead
Sun of my soul, thou Savior dear
Thy temple is not made with hands
Triumphant Lord, thy work is done
GeronimoBehold, the Bridegroom draweth nigh
GerontiusI am not worthy, holy Lord
Jesus, these eyes have never seen
Praise to the Holiest in the height
GerransAwaked from sleep we fall
GethsemaneComes once more the awful night
Man of sorrows, what a name
Man of sorrows, wrapped in grief
Rock of ages, cleft for me
Throned upon the awful Tree
Gethsemane (Monk) (AHB 96)Go to dark Gethsemane
Gethsemane (Ouseley)Go to dark Gethsemane
Gethsemane (Tye)Go to dark Gethsemane
GevaertHere betwixt ass and oxen mild
GhentFather, see thy children
Ghent (Adoro te, no. 2)Summer suns are glowing
GibbonsChrist, of all my hopes the ground
Father, name of love and fear
For thee, O dear, dear country
For thy mercy and thy grace
From Greenland's icy mountains
God of mercy, throned on high
I lay my sins on Jesus
Jesus, grant me this, I pray
Jesus, Lord, to me impart
Jesus, we thy promise claim
The ancient law departs
Thine for ever, God of love
GibeonGlory to God! the morn appointed breaks
Glory to thee, O Lord
GibraltarGod of my life, to thee I call
GibsonThe stars declare his glory
GideonHail, princes of the host of heaven
O God of love, O King of peace
Gideon (Brookfield)It is a thing most wonderful
GiessenBehold us, Lord, before thee met
Creator Spirit, by whose aid
Give me the faith which can remove
O King of saints, O Lord of might
GiftNot for our sins alone
Thy life was given for me
Gift of Finest WheatYou satisfy the hungry heart
Gifts of bread an wineGifts of bread and wine
Gilbert'sAngels, from the realms of glory
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
GilboaNow the day is over
GildasLord of the hearts of men
We come, Lord, to thy feet
GileadPour out thy Spirit from on high
GillamSunset and evening star
GillingO God of earth and altar
GillinghamBefore Jehovah's awful throne
GiornivichiHow bright these glorious spirits shine
Give LightGive light, O Lord, that we may learn
Give me a heartGive me a heart
Give me a sight, O SaviorGive me a sight, O Savior
Give me joyGive me joy in my heart
Give me joyWhat a wonderful Savior is Jesus!
Give me peaceGive me peace, O Lord
Give thanks to GodGive thanks to God (Perry)
Give thanks to the Lord (Hayes)Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good (Hayes)
Give thanks to the Lord (Morgan)Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good (Morgan)
Give thanks with a grateful heartGive thanks with a grateful heart
Glad TidingsShout the glad tidings, exultingly sing
Gladdening LightHail, gladdening Light
GladnessCome, let us join our cheerful songs
GladnessO for a thousand tongues to sing
GladnessSavior, blessed Savior
Glan GeirionyddNow join, ye comrades true
GlanhafrenWhat shall our offering be
Glan'rafonGood cheer
GlasgowBehold the mountain of the Lord
Now from the altar of my heart
O thou in all thy might so far
GlastonO Holy Spirit, whom our Master sent
GlastonburyBread of the world in mercy broken
Jesus lives! thy terrors now
Savior, for the little one
Shepherd, with thy tenderest love
Till he come--O let the words
GleanersIn the vineyard of our Father
Glebe FieldFor thy mercy and thy grace
Joy! because the circling year
Lamb of God, I look to thee
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky
GlebehamptonFierce was the wild billow
Glen BernardGod who touchest earth with beauty
GlencolumbkillAlone with none but thee, my God
GlencullenFather, while we kneel before thee
GlendonSing to God with joy and gladness
GlenfieldWhen he was baptized in Jordan
GlenfinlasCome to me, says Jesus
Daisies are our silver
Do no sinful action
Faithful vigil ended
Father, now behold us
For the crowd of thousands
Hands that have been handling
Jesus, meek and gentle
Now the day is over
O my Savior, lifted
Summer suns are glowing
GlenluceHow blest are they whose hearts are pure
GlenmalureMy God, I thank thee, who hast made
GlenyarrahTempted oft to go astray
GloamingThe sun declines; o'er land and sea
GloriaAngels we have heard on high
Beneath the cross of Jesus
Gloria (3) (Taiz)
Glorious is thy Name, O Lord
Hark, the sound of holy voices
To the God of our creation
Gloria (Smart)Jesus, I my cross have taken
Gloria in excelsis (Elliott)Hark, hark, the organ loudly peals
Gloria, laus, et honorAll glory, laud, and honor
Glory and honor and laud be to thee
Glory and praise and dominion be thine
Gloria paschaliAlmighty God, I call to thee
Across the sky the shades of night
Gloria PatriGlory be to God the Father
Gloria tibiGlory to the blessed Jesus!
GloriamRound the Lord in glory seated
Gloriosi SalvatorisTo the Name of our salvation
Glorious comingWhen the Lord in glory comes
Glorious FatherGlorious Father
Glorious ThingsGlorious things of thee are spoken
GloryAround the throne of God in heaven
The sands of time are sinking
Glory (Bullock)Glory to the King of kings
Glory be to JesusGlory be to Jesus
Glory, glory in the highestGlory, glory in the highest
Glory in the highestEaster flowers are blooming bright
Glory to GodGlory to God, praise and alleluia
Glory to GodTonight
Glory to God in the highestGlory to God in the highest
GloucesterAccording to thy gracious word
Come, let us with our Lord arise
Great is our guilt, our fears are great
He sat to watch o'er customs paid
I to the hills will lift mine eyes
In token that thou shalt not fear
Jesus, merciful and mild
Look down upon us, God of grace
Lord Jesus, when we stand afar
O for a closer walk with God
O God, our help in ages past
O thou, from whom all goodness flows
Shine on our souls, eternal God
Upon the holy mount they stood
When the morning paints the skies
GloverniaBeloved, let us love: love is of God
GlynthorpeNo coward soul is mine
Go Down, MosesWhen Israel was in Egypt's land
Go forthGo forth and tell
Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord
Go forth in his nameWe are his children
Go in Jesus' NameGo in Jesus' Name
Go in your NameLord, we came in adoration
Go now in peaceGo now in peace
Go, tell everyoneGod's Spirit is in my heart
Go Tell It on the MountainGo tell it on the mountain
Go wandering in the sunGo wandering in the sun
God almighty set a rainbowGod Almighty set a rainbow
God be in my headGod be in my head
God be with youGod be with you till we meet again
God came among usGod came among us
God commandedPraise to Christ the Lord incarnate
God has chosen meGod has chosen me
God has exalted himGod has exalted him
God has spokenGod has spoken to his people, alleluia
God hath sent his angelsGod hath sent his angels to the earth again
God holds the keyGod holds the key
God in HeavenGod in heaven, hear our singing!
God is a SpiritGod is a Spirit
God is ascendedLift up your heads, ye mighty gates
God is building a houseGod is building a house
God is goodGod is good, we sing and shout about it
God is good all the timeGod is good all the time
God is good, God is greatGod is good, God is great
God is greatGod is great
God is loveGod is love; he lives by love
God is so goodGod is so good
God knows meThere are hundreds of sparrows
God made a boomerangGod made a boomerang
God made meGod made me for himself
God of all greatnessGod of all ages and Lord for all time
God of glory, we exalt your NameGod of glory, we exalt your Name
God of godsGod of gods, we sound his praises
God of graceGod of grace, I turn my face
God of our fathersEternal Ruler of the ceaseless round
God of our Fathers (Hopkins)God of our fathers, bless this our land
God of the livingGod of the living
God our Father gave us lifeGod our Father gave us life
God Rest You MerryGod rest you merry, gentlemen
God sends us his SpiritGod sends us his Spirit to befriend and help us
God sent his SonBecause he lives
God sent his SonGod sent his Son, they called him Jesus
God turned darkness into lightGod turned darkness into light
God whose Son was once a manGod whose Son was once a man
God with usHe walked where I walk
GodesbergHis the glory, his the honor
GodfreyTo the God of our creation
GodmanstoneLord, we are blind; the world of sight
God's not deadGod's not dead
God's TableSince the world was young
Going homeGoing home
GoldbachThou standest at the altar
GöldelJesus, where'er thy people meet
O Lord of Hosts, almighty King
O thou to whose all-searching sight
What star is this, with beams so bright
Golden CornFair waved the golden corn
Golden GroveStand up, stand up for Jesus
Golden HarpsGolden harps are sounding
Golden sheavesTo you, O Lord, our hearts we raise
Come, join to praise our God and King
Give thanks to God (Perry)
Great God, to thee our hearts we raise
To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
To you was given, O saint beloved
Who trusts in God, a strong abode
GoldingtonLord of the changing year
Gonfalon RoyalAs royal banners are unfurled
Blest by the sun, the olive tree
Eternal Monarch, King most high
Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts
Lord Christ, who on thy heart
New every morning is the love
O Christ of all the ages, come
O Christ, our joy, to whom is given
O Christ, who holds the open gate
O Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace
O Lord most high, Eternal King
O Savior of our fallen race
O Spirit of the living God
Sweet is the work, my God, my King
The eternal gifts of Christ the King
The flaming banners of our King
The royal banners forward go
These things shall be! A loftier race
GonvilleLift your glad voices in triumph on high
Good CheerBreast the wave, Christian
Good FridayWhen the sky turned black and Jesus cried
Good ShepherdChrist who knows all his sheep
Good Shepherd, RosemontCome, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
Good ShepherdThe Lord my pasture shall prepare
Good thingsDid you ever see a kookaburra laugh
Good-byeGood-bye! Our school is over
GoodliffeWith gladsome hearts we come
GopsalApostle of the Word
Christ is our cornerstone
In loud exalted strains
Lord of the worlds above
Now lives the Lamb of God
Rejoice, the Lord is King
Take heart and praise our God
We give immortal praise
Ye boundless realms of joy
GordonCome, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire
GorranLead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
GoshenI was made a Christian
Lo, the pilgrim magi
Savior, blessed Savior
Goshen (Fides)Jesus, I will trust thee
Those eternal bowers
GospelTell me the old, old story
Gospel GladnessCome, labor on
GossGod of love, our Father, Savior
In the vineyard of our Father
Lo, he comes with clouds descending
Lord, it is good for us to be
O God of God! O Light of Light!
Songs of thankfulness and praise
GosterwoodChrist is the sacrifice we plead
I could not do without thee
I love to tell the story
O day of joy and wonder!
O Lord of all, we bring to thee
O Lord, our strength in weakness
Our Father, by whose servants
When spring unlocks the flowers
GothaCome, thou long-expected Jesus
From every stormy wind that blows
Hark, what mean those holy voices
Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult
Light of those whose dreary dwelling
Love divine, all loves excelling
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing
Where the angel hosts adore thee
Gott des HimmelsFather, hear the prayer we offer
He is risen, he is risen
Lord, accept the alms we offer
May the grace of Christ our Savior
Now the morn new light is pouring
Thou whose name is called Jesus
Through the day thy love has spared us
Hark, a thrilling voice is sounding
Gott ein VaterLittle drops of water
Gott sei DankBlest Creator of the light
Christ, of all my hopes the ground
First of martyrs
On this day, the first of days
Spread, O spread, thou mighty word
Lamb of God, for sinners slain
Sons of men, behold from afar
Gott sei gelobetYou, Lord, we praise in songs of celebration
Gott will's machenFather, hear the prayer we offer
God whose farm is all creation
In the Cross of Christ I glory
Mercy in our time of failure
Saints of God! Lo, Jesus' people
Souls of men! why will ye scatter
Spouse of Christ, in arms contending
There's a wideness in God's mercy
Gotta get out and scatter some seedWe thank God for the harvest
Gottes Sohn ist kommenGod's Son came to bless us
Once he came in blessing
Till he come--O let the words
Gottlob, es gehtThe mighty God, the Lord hath spoken
With grateful hearts our faith professing
Say not "The struggle nought availeth"
GoudimelBread of the world in mercy broken
Goudimel's 146thDay of judgment, day of wonders
GouldsbrookGracious God, in adoration
GounodOne there is above all others, well deserves
The radiant morn hath passed away
Thou to whom the sick and dying
Through the day thy love has spared us
GowerThe Lord himself, the mighty Lord
Gower StreetAlmighty Father, bless the word
GraceHeal me, O my Savior, heal
Turned by thy grace, I look within
Your coming, Lord, to earth in Bethlehem
Grace ChurchAlmighty Father, bless the word
Awake, my soul, to joyful lays
Awake, our souls; away, our fears
Come, Jesus, from the sapphire throne
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord
Draw, Holy Ghost, thy sevenfold veil
Father of heaven, whose love profound
Father of mercies, bow thine ear
Grace Church, GananoqueFight the good fight with all thy might
Great God, to thee my evening song
Have mercy, Lord, on me
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high
O come, Creator Spirit, come
O Maker of the sea and sky
O Maker of the earth and sky
O Spirit of the living God
O thou to whose all- searching sight
Spirit of mercy, truth and love
The royal banners forward go
This life's a dream, an empty show
Thy temple is not made with hands
Up to the hills I lift mine eyes
While o'er the deep thy servants sail
Grace DieuThe day thou gavest, Lord, is ended
Grace in essenceBread is blessed and broken
Grâce soitLift your hidden faces
GraciasNow thank we all our God
Gracious GodMay God be gracious to us
Gräfenberg (Nun danket all)Spirit divine, attend our prayers
GraftonChrist is made the sure foundation
Come, ye souls by sin afflicted
Creator of the world, do thou
Lord, behold us with thy blessing
Lord of beauty, thine the splendor
Now, my tongue, the mystery telling
Of the glorious body telling
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle
To the Name of our salvation
When wounded sore, the stricken heart
Word supreme, before creation
GrainthorpeIn his temple now behold him
GranberryJesus, my strength, my hope
Grand IsleI sing a song of the saints of God
Grand PrairieLook there! the Christ, our Brother, comes
GrandchildrenWe come to this your table, Lord
GrangeAlleluia, fairest morning
Granham HillLord Jesus, think on me
GrantCreator Spirit, by whose aid
O who like thee, so calm, so bright
Grant (Stainer)The saints of God! their conflict past
GrasmereSavior, who didst healing give
Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow
Ashamed of thee, O dearest Lord
At even, ere the sun was set
GratitudeJesus, my Savior, look on me
O Lord of heaven and earth and sea
Thy way, not mine, O Lord
Gratus animusO heavenly Father, what would be
GrayMy times are in thy hand
We come, Lord, to thy feet
GrazMy soul with patience waits
Great CreatorGreat Creator, Lord of all
Great indeedGreat indeed are your works, O Lord
Great is GodGreat is God
Great is the LordGreat is the Lord and most worthy of praise
Great is the Lord (Warren)Great is the Lord; his praise is great
Great LoveMy heart will sing to you
Great WilkinsRise and hear! The Lord is speaking
Greatest GiftGod gave Jesus for us all
Greek HymnGlory be to Jesus
Green BladeNow the green blade riseth
Green HillO Holy Ghost, thy people bless
O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
O Savior, may we never rest
Who fathoms the eternal thought
GreeneChrist the Lord is risen again
GreenhillThere is a green hill far away
GreenlandFrom Greenland's icy mountains
Hail to the Lord's Anointed
Jerusalem the golden
O Christ, thou hast ascended
Rejoice, rejoice, believers
The day of Resurrection
GreensleevesThrough all our days we'll sing the praise
What child is this, who, laid to rest
When shepherds watched and angels sang
GreenvilleHeavenly Father, send thy blessing
GreenwichO, it is hard to work for God
GreenwoodIt is not death to die
Jesus, I live to thee
The Spirit, in our hearts
GreerCome, Christian children, come
GreetingGood day to you all, good day to each one
GregorianHow vast must their advantage be
O thou, who didst with love untold
Supreme in wisdom as in power
GregoryMy opening eyes with rapture see
O write upon my memory, Lord
GrendonMy God, how endless is thy love
GrenobleGod is a name my soul adores
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord
The Lamb's high banquet called to share
GreshamI heard the sound of voices
Ten thousand times ten thousand
GrettonBehold us, Lord, a little space
Great King of nations, hear our prayer
GreystoneAll things bright and beautiful
Griffin's BrookMay the mind of Christ my Savior
GrimaudinNarrow thy path, O pilgrim lone
GriswoldMy opening eyes with rapture see
O that my load of sin were gone
Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan
GroeswenAll my hope on God is founded
Temple of God's Holy Spirit
GröningenGod is in his temple
God reveals his presence
GroombridgeHail the Sign, the Sign of Jesus
GrosmontBrother, you on your heart did bear
Grosser GottHoly God, we praise thy name
GrosteteO all ye people, clap your hands
O praise the Lord in that blest place
The rising God forsakes the tomb
The royal banners forward go
GrosvenorAt the Name of Jesus
Christian, dost thou see them
Not a thought of earthly things
GroveGod, my Father, hear me pray
GrovesendRise up, O my soul, with thy desires to heaven
GuardaLord of all, to whom alone
GuardantHear our prayer, O heavenly Father
Souls of men! why will ye scatter
Guardian AngelsAround the throne of God a band
GubenO God, that madest earth and sky
Guds AndeWhere the Spirit is, there's freedom
GuidanceIf thou but trust in God to guide thee
Jesus Christ is passing by
Jesus, meek and gentle
Lamb of God, for sinners slain
GuideJesus, thy boundless love to me
Guide my feetGuide my feet
GuidettiThe eternal gifts of Christ the King
Guiding StarFrom the eastern mountains
GuildBelieving fathers oft have told
O thou, who by thy word of pwer
GuildfordEngland, arise! the long, long night is over
God of mercy, God of grace
God the Father's only Son
Guildford CathedralGracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
Holy Spirit, gracious guest
GuiltonWhat various hindrances we meet
GuisboroughGracious Spirit, Love divine
Lord, to whom except to thee
Oft in danger, oft in woe
When our heads are bowed with woe
Guiting PowerChrist triumphant, ever reigning
Gulliman's WaySpirit of God within me
GulworthyOf the Father's love begotten
Gun HillEverything changes
GundulfLead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
Gurab tú mo BheathaMay you live within me, O my heart's companion
GurneyFor the dear ones parted from us
Gute Bäume bringenAt the Name of Jesus
In the hour of trial
Christian, dost thou see them
GüterslohChrist, the Life of all the living
GuyonI love my God, but with no love of mine
GwalchmaiChrist the Lord is risen today (Wesley)
King of glory, King of peace
Praise the Lord, his glories show
Welcome to another day
GwaliaSavior, shed an evening blessing
Through the night of doubt and sorrow
GweedoreAuthor of life divine
GwennapApproach, my soul, the mercy-seat
GwynneGentle Mary laid her child

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