Made in God's likeness, moved by the Spirit

Made lowly wise, we pray no more

Madgalene, thy grief and gladness


Magnify Jehovah's Name

Maiden, art thou faint and weary

Maidens, Christ is waiting for you

Majestic sweetness sits enthroned

Majesty, worship his majesty

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord

Make me a captive, Lord

Make me a channel of your peace

Make me holy, O my Savior

Make us worthy, Lord

Make way, make way, for Christ the King

Maker, in whom we live

Maker of all, vouchsafe to bless

Maker of earth, to thee alone

Maker of man, who from thy throne

Maker of the starry sphere

Maker, Upholder, Ruler, thee

Man is now a race of travelers

Man more than man

Man of sorrows, what a name

Man of sorrows, wrapped in grief

Many and great, O God, are thy works

March, march onward, soldiers true

March on, march on

March on, march on, O ye soldiers true

March on, my soul, with strength

Mark how the Lamb of God's self-offering

Martyr of God, whose strength was steeled

Mary at the Master's feet

Mary, blessed grieving mother

Mary, blessed teenage mother

Mary had a baby

Mary immaculate, star of the morning

Mary sang a song, a song of love

Mary, weep not, weep no longer

Masithi: Amen

Master, no offering

Master of eager youth

Master, speak, thy servant heareth

May choirs of angels lead you

May flights of angels lead you on your way

May God accept our vow

May God be gracious to us

May God's blessing surround you

May light come into your eyes

May love be ours, Lord

May our Lord's dominion last

May our worship be acceptable

May the angels lead you into paradise

May the feet of God walk with you

May the fragrance of Jesus fill this place

May the grace of Christ our Savior

May the Lord bless you

May the Lord, mighty God

May the mind of Christ my Savior

May the peace of God the Father

May the Spirit of Christ be our hope

May this Lenten discipline

May we, O Holy Spirit, bear your fruit

May you live within me, O my heart's companion

Meekness and majesty

Meet it is to tell thy glory

Members of Christ are we

Members of Christ, children of God

Men and women, let us walk

Men go to God when they are sorely placed

Men of England, who inherit

Men of faith

Men, whose boast it is that ye

Merciful Lord

Mercy in our time of failure

Mercy thou art, Creator, Friend

Mercy triumphs, Christ is born

Met at this most solemn time

Mighty Father, blessed Son

Mighty God

Mighty God, everlasting Father

Mighty in victory

Mine eyes have seen the glory

Mon Éme se repose en paix

More about Jesus

More holiness give me

More light, more life, more love

More love, more power

More love to thee, O Christ

More lovely than the noonday rest

More than we can ask or imagine

Morn of morns and day of days

Morning glory, starlit sky

Morning has broken

Morn's roseate hues have decked

Moses, I know you're the man

Most ancient of all mysteries

Most glorious Lord of life, that on this day

Most High, omnipotent, good Lord

Most holy Lord and God, holy, almighty God

Most holy Lord and God of heaven

Much in sorrow, oft in woe

Must Jesus bear the Cross alone

My blessed Savior, is thy love

My country, 'tis of thee

My daughters and my sons hear tell

My dear Redeemer and my Lord

My faith looks up to thee

My faithful shepherd is the Lord

My Father, for another night

My Father kept me through the night

My first love

My glorious Victor, Prince divine

My goal is God himself

My God, accept my heart this day

My God and Father, while I stray

My God, and is thy table spread

My God and King, to thee

My God, how endless is thy love

My God, how wonderful thou art

My God, I love thee; not because

My God, I love thee, yet my love

My God, I praise thee for the light returning

My God, I thank thee, who hast made

My God, is any hour so sweet

My God is so big

My God, my Father, dost thou call

My God, my Father, let me rest

My God, my Father, make me strong

My God, my Father, while I stray

My God, my God, and can it be

My God, my God, my Light, my Love

My God, my God, why dost thou me forsake

My God, my King, thy various praise

My God, my God, why dost thou me forsake

My God, my Life, my Love

My God, my Life, to thee I call

My God, permit me not to be

My God, the spring of all my joys

My God, thy covenant of love

My God, what wondrous love was thine

My God, when I from sleep awake

My gracious Lord, I own thy right

My grateful soul shall bless the Lord

My health was firm, my day was bright

My heart and voice I raise

My heart is filled with longing

My heart is full of admiration

My heart is full of Christ, and longs

My heart is resting

My heart looks in faith

My heart overflows

My heart will sing to you

My hiding place, my refuge, tower

My hope is built on nothing less

My hope, my all, my Savior thou

My hope, my steadfast trust

My Jesus, as thou wilt

My Jesus, I love thee

My Jesus, my Savior

My Jesus, my Savior Lord

My Jesus, pierced for love of me

My life flows on in endless song

My life is in you, Lord

My life is yours

My life's a shade, my days

My lips shall praise you

My Lord, he is a-coming soon

My Lord, he is the fairest of the fair

My Lord, I did not choose you

My Lord, in glory reigning

My Lord, my Life, my Love

My Lord, my Life, was crucified

My Lord, my Master, at thy feet adoring

My Lord of light

My Lord, what love is this

My Lord, who in the desert fed

My Lord, you called my name

My Lord, you wore no royal crown

My mouth was made for worship

My opening eyes with rapture see

My own dear land, where'er

My peace I give unto you

My peace I leave with you

My Redeemer lives

My Savior, can it ever be

My Savior, hanging on the tree

My Savior, how shall I proclaim

My Savior, thou hast offered rest

My Shepherd is the living Lord

My Shepherd will supply my need

My sins have taken such a hold on me

My sins, my sins, my Savior

My song is love unknown

My song shall be of Jesus

My soul, be on thy guard

My soul doth magnify the Lord

My soul, for help on God rely

My soul gives glory to my God, my heart

My soul gives glory to the Lord, in God

My soul glorifies the Lord

My soul, inspired with sacred love

My soul, praise the Lord

My soul proclaims your glory, Lord

My soul, repeat his praise

My soul, there is a country

My soul with grateful thoughts of love

My soul with patience waits

My spirit longs for thee

My spirit on thy care

My times are in thy hand

My trust I place in God's good grace

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