Lord of the worlds above

Lord of the worlds above,
how pleasant and how fair
the dwellings of thy love,
thine earthly temples are!
To thine abode,
my heart aspires
with warm desires
to see my God.

O happy souls that pray
where God appoints to hear!
O happy men that pay
their constant service there!
They praise thee still;
and happy they
that love the way
to Zion's hill.

They go from strength to strength,
through this dark vale of tears,
till each arrives at length,
till each in heaven appears;
O glorious seat,
when God, our King,
shall thither bring
our willing feet.

God is our sun and shield,
our light and our defense;
with gifts his hands are filled;
we draw our blessings thence.
Thrice happy he,
O God of hosts,
whose spirit trusts
alone in thee.

Words: Isaac Watts, 1719

Music: Darwall's 148th, Croft's 148th

Meter: 66 66 44 44

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