Lord of all creation

Lord of all creation,
now before thy throne,
we thy people bring thee
gifts that are thine own.
Thine is all the greatness,
power and glory thine,
high o'er all exalted,
Majesty Divine.
Of thine own we offer,
of thy gifts we give
unto thee, O Father,
in whose life all live.

All the gold and silver,
corn on plains and hills,
grass upon the mountains,
water in the rills--
all things yield thee glory,
with thy light they shine;
thou all art inspirest;
science, skill, are thine. Refrain

Body, soul and spirit,
thought and speech and song,
come to thee, Creator,
and to thee belong.
These in bounden duty
we devote to thee;
thine is all the dower,
thine the glory be. Refrain

Of all works man doeth,
none can greater be
than the work devoted,
O Lord God, to thee:
hither all to serve thee,
rich and poor repair,
joy awaits thy people
in thy house of prayer. Refrain

Alms-deeds, prayers and praises,
with "the willing mind,"
in the Name of Jesus,
shall acceptance find.
Evermore thanksgiving
to the Father, Son
and the gracious Spirit,
blessèd Three in One.
Still thy Church shall offer,
of thy gifts shall give
unto thee, the Giver,
in whose life all live.

Words: Samuel Childs Clarke, 1893

Music: Hermas

Meter: 65 65 D with Refrain

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