Lord, bring the day to pass

Lord, bring the day to pass
when forest, rock and hill,
the beasts, the birds, the grass,
will know your finished will:
when we attain our destiny
and nature lives in harmony.

Forgive our careless use
of water, ore and soil--
the plenty we abuse
supplied by others' toil:
save us from making self our creed,
turn us towards each other's need.

Give us, when we release
creation's secret powers,
to harness them for peace--
our children's peace and ours:
teach us the art of mastering
in servant form, which draws death's sting.

Creation groans, travails,
futile its present plight,
bound till the hour it hails
God's children born of light,
who enter on their true estate.
Come, Lord: new heavens and earth create.

Words: Ian Fraser
Words © 1969 by Stainer & Bell Ltd. (admin. by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188).
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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Music: Lawes' Psalm 47, St. John (Parish Choir), St. Andrew

Meter: 66 66 88

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