Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim (Murray)

Lift high the cross,
the love of Christ proclaim
till all the world adore
his sacred Name.

Come, Christian people, sing your praises, shout!
If we are silent, even stones cry out. Refrain

Jesus, you wept to see our human strife,
teach us compassion for each human life. Refrain

Peace was your plea and peace your loving theme:
let peace be our passport, peace a living dream. Refrain

Great is the cost of walking on this road,
to follow and suffer with the Son of God. Refrain

Worlds to be born and children yet to be,
come, take up this song into eternity. Refrain

Refrain: George William Kitchin, 1916
Words, verses 1-5: Shirley Erena Murray, alt.
Words © 1992 by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
For permission to reproduce this hymn in all territories except the UK, contact: Hope Publishing Company,
In the UK, contact: Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd., St. Mary's Works, St. Mary's Plain, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 3BH England

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Music: Crucifer

Meter: 10 10 with Refrain

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