Joy! because the circling year

Joy! because the circling year
brings our day of blessings here;
day when first the light divine
on the Church began to shine.

Like to quivering tongues of flame
unto each the Spirit came,
tongues, that earth might hear their call,
fire, that love might burn in all.

So the wondrous works of God
wondrously were spread abroad;
every tribe's familiar tone
made the glorious marvel known.

Hardened scoffers vainly jeered;
listening strangers heard and feared,
knew the prophets' word fulfilled,
owned the work which God had willed.

Still thy Spirit's fullness, Lord,
on ohy waiting Church be poured;
grant our burdened hearts release;
grant us thine abiding peace.

Words: Latin, eighth century;
trans. John Ellerton, 1871

Music: Glebe Field, New Calabar

Meter: 77 77

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