Jesus, the Virgins' Crown, do thou

Jesus, the virgins' crown, do thou
accept us as in prayer we bow;
born of that Virgin whom alone
the Mother and the Maid we own.

Amongst the lilies thou dost feed,
with virgin choirs accompanied--
with glory decked, the spotless brides
whose bridal gifts thy love provides.

They, wheresoe'er thy footsteps bend,
with hymns and prayers still attend;
in blessèd troops they follow thee,
with dance, and song, and melody.

We pray thee therefore to bestow
upon our senses here below
thy grace, that so we may endure
from taint of all corruption pure.

All laud to God the Father be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee;
all glory, as is ever meet,
to God the holy Paraclete.

Words: Ambrose of Milan, fourth century;
trans. John Mason Neale

Music: St. Ambrose

Meter: LM

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