Jesus, my strength, my hope

Jesus, my Strength, my Hope,
on thee I cast my care,
with humble confidence look up,
and know thou hear'st my prayer.
Give me on thee to wait
till I can all things do;
on thee, almighty to create,
almighty to renew.

Give me a true regard,
a single, steady aim,
unmoved by threatening or reward
to thee and thy great Name;
a jealous, just concern
for thine immortal praise;
a pure desire that all may learn
and glorify thy grace.

I rest upon thy Word;
the promise is for me;
my comfort and salvation, Lord,
shall surely come from thee.
but let me still abide,
nor from my hope remove,
till thou my patient spirit guide
into thy perfect love.

Words: Charles Wesley, 1742

Music: Richmond (Elliott), Chalvey

Meter: SMD

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