Jesus, from thy throne on high

Jesus, from thy throne on high,
far above the bright blue sky,
look on us with loving eye:
hear us, holy Jesus.

Little hearts may love thee well,
little lips thy love may tell,
little hymns thy praises swell:
hear us, holy Jesus.

Little deeds of love may shine,
little lives may be divine,
little ones be wholly thine:
hear us, holy Jesus.

Be thou with us every day,
in our work and in our play,
when we learn and when we pray:
hear us, holy Jesus.

May our thoughts be undefiled,
may our words be true and mild,
make us each a holy child:
hear us, holy Jesus.

Jesus, from thy heavenly throne,
watching o'er each little one,
till our life on earth in done:
hear us, holy Jesus.

Words: Thomas Benson Pollock, 1871

Music: Peacefield, Litany No. 3

Meter: 77 76

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