Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious walls

Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious walls,
would God I were in thee!
Desire of thee my longing heart enthralls,
desire at home to be;
wide from the world outleaping,
o'er hill and vale and plain,
my soul's strong wind is sweeping
thy portals to attain.

O gladsome day and yet more gladsome hour!
When shall that hour have come
when my rejoicing soul its own free power
may use in going home,
itself to Jesus giving
in trust to his own hand,
to dwell among the living
in that blest fatherland?

Unnumbered choirs before the Lamb's high throne
there shout the jubilee,
with loud resounding peal and sweetest tone,
in blissful ecstasy:
a hundred thousand voices
take up the wondrous song;
eternity rejoices
God's praises to prolong.

Words: Johann Matthaeus Meyfart, 1626;
trans. William R. Whittingham, 1860

Music: Melchior

Meter: 10 6 10 6 76 76

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